Polots.com Review – [Scam Affiliated with 12 Sites]

Polots is the latest online ‘retailer’ to be released by a scam network specializing in highly discounted retail scams.

Official Site: Polots.com

Polots, like the half dozen previously launched scams before it, has employed a rather simplistic yet effective scam approach that is currently deceiving hundreds of online shoppers out of their money.

What is Polots?

Looking to score a good deal on some Ralph Lauren gear?

Allegedly supporting a narrow selection of both men and woman Ralph Lauren attire, Polots is soliciting consumers and implying that they can purchase Ralph Lauren apparel for up to 95% off.

Products that were once featured for €85.00, €98.50 and €148.00 can be found ‘discounted’ down to €9.99 and €10.99.

By engaging and funneling consumers through aggressive Facebook ad campaigns, Polots.com is effectively employing the 3 step scam formula that we exposed in affiliation with their previous launched scam sites.

Unlike the retail scams before it, Polots does not include an About Us or Contact Us page (not that it matters since there was never any information of value disclosed anyway).

Every product supposedly offered through Polots is ‘new’ and ‘on sale’ while the site is structured with a near identical site template as their previous launched scams.

Who is Behind Polots.com?

Similar to the other retail scam sites launched by this notorious network, Polots does not disclose any ownership information anywhere upon the site.

While they assert that they guarantee a safe and secure shopping environment, would you really want to shop with a site that fails to provide ANY information relating to who they are and where they are located?

Blatantly leaving out information that can be used to identify them such as a physical address or telephone number, Polots.com is operating as an anonymous retail scam.

The only contact information we are given regarding Polots would be the email addresses that we included for you below:

  1. Support@JDOnline.Info
  2. Service@MainGmail.com
  3. Lars@Service-sys.com

As we have made abundantly clear in our previous reviews where we exposed these scams, these email addresses remain one of the strongest links correlating these affiliated scam sites.

Shipping & Returns

It appears that the creators behind these retail scam sites are catching onto the community outrage relating to their previous launched scams.

Having taken out their FAQ and Contact Us pages while making alterations to their Shipping & Return policy pages, it appears likely that the con-artists behind these scams wished to remain undetected.

As if we didn’t have the bare minimum to go off already, Polots took it one step further by eliminating their copy-and-paste textual elements that was incorporated into the interface of their other scams.

Allegedly, Polots.com will not collect identifiable information such as name, address, telephone number or e-mail addresses which brings up the question of how they intend to ship your purchases to you?

Linked Retail Sites

Polots.com will make the 13th scam that we have exposed from this notorious network.

Shared below are the affiliated scams that we have exposed to date:

When the network behind these scams first launched their scam sites they focused primarily upon targeting consumers through Facebook advertisements but their sites were not niche specific and reflected widely ‘discounted’ online retailers.

The first 5 scams disclosed above are the scam entities we are referring too.

The 7 remaining scams specialized in preying upon unsuspecting consumers by targeting reputable name brands and pretending to offer discounted consumer goods for up to 90% to 95% off.

Of course, none of these retail sites were legitimate, resulting in hundreds of consumers losing their money and leaving them in a precarious situation in order to try to recover loss their loss funds.

Given the fact that it is now known that the creators behind these scams are stealing tracking numbers from USPS orders with no affiliation what-so-ever with their purchases, hopefully consumers will shop in a more vigilant manner.

Domain Insight

Polots.com was a privately registered domain that was created on April 22nd, 2019.

According to SimilarWeb, Polots.com reflected a global rank of 1,065,687 and a US rank of 601,521 as of June 6th, 2019.

Detailed in the report would be how 13.33% of the sites overall traffic derives from the social media platform Facebook.

It is well-known that the network behind these various retail scam sites are relying heavily upon Facebook ad campaigns to draw in and solicit consumers into their fake retail site.

Is Polots.com a Scam?

Yes, Polots.com is a scam.

Polots Review Conclusion

Polots claims that they offer discounted Ralph Lauren attire yet as we have shown time-and-time again these online retailers are nothing but fake retail scams.

We wish Facebook had a better solution to combat these multitudes of fictitious online retail scams (since many of these scams are relying upon Facebook ad campaigns to solicit consumers) but considering the fact that there are hundreds if not thousands of retail scams being launched we imagine it is difficult for them to manage.

Perhaps if Facebook setup stiffer regulations in order to promote through their platform then the number of highly solicitous and misleading advertisement campaigns would subside but who knows.

With the information shared in our investigative review above we hope that you evade the Polots scam and only shop with legitimate online marketplaces like Amazon.com.

Verdict: Polots is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: Polots.com

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