Review – [Fake Nike Retailer Exposed]

NikeBS ( is affiliated with one of the latest strings of online retail scams.

Soliciting unsuspecting consumers through aggressive advertisement campaigns conducted over social networks such as Facebook, NikeBS is nothing more than a quick pump-and-dump scam site affiliated with nearly a dozen other scams.

To learn more regarding the NikeBS scam and WHY you should avoid this highly deceptive and fraudulent online retailer we invite you to read our honest, investigative review.

What is NikeBS markets themselves as a highly discounted online retailer that currently supports a small collection of Nike, Adidas and New Balance footwear.

Every product featured at NikeBS is allegedly on sale and reflects online savings fluctuating between 60% to 90% off retail value.

Baiting consumers through aggressive social media campaigns only to solicit them later by pretending to offer greatly discounted name brand footwear provides us with concise insight into how NikeBS operates.

**It should be noted that is NOT SECURE, meaning any personal or financial information submitted on the site may be at risk of exposure.**

Who is Behind

As with every other scam that we exposed in this growing network of retail scams, NikeBS fails to provide any ownership or identifying information of the sort.

There is no About Us page while unlike their predecessors the only contact information we are provided would be

The email address disclosed above has been affiliated with every retail scam to date launched by this scam network although it is slightly different than it’s previous scam sites that also included the emails and

Again, we have no reference to a physical address or telephone number that can be used to identify the authenticity of

Linked Scam Sites

When we first caught wind of this network of retail scams they functioned under a more generic capacity.

Meaning that the first handful of scam sites that they launched pretended to function as highly discounted oversea retailers that offered hundreds of consumer goods at ridiculously low prices.

Shared below are the generic scam sites that we first affiliated with this anonymous scam network:

  • HexPress.Shop
  • ZZPlus.Shop
  • GoodTop.Shop
  • BTMD.Online

It wasn’t long after the exposure of these scams that the creators behind these scams switched up their formula and continued to solicit consumers through social media networks but with a more direct approach.

By targeting similar consumer demographics in addition to pretending to offer reputable name brand products at highly discounted rates, the con-artists appeared to have found a more effective formula for scamming unsuspecting online shoppers.

The other scams embedded in this scam network that target name brands are as followed: – The North Face – Nike, Adidas & New Balance – Keen footwear – Vans footwear – Nike, Adidas & New Balance – Salomon apparel

As you can deduce, is the latest phony retail site launched by this scam network.

Domain Insight was privately registered on May 23rd, 2019 through the NameSilo, LLC registrar.

Given their recent inception and lack of organic traffic, does not reflect any web rankings across market intelligence sites such as SimilarWeb as of June 5th, 2019.

Why You Should Avoid NikeBS

  1. No reference to a physical address or telephone number.
  2. Operates as a completely anonymous online retailer.
  3. Targets consumers by soliciting highly discounted prices.
  4. Only discloses 1 anonymous contact method.
  5. Affiliated with 11 other retail scam sites to date.
  6. Operating as another clone site of this retail network.
  7. Affiliated scam sites reflect horrible consumer reviews.

Is a Scam?

Yes, is a scam.

NikeBS Review Conclusion

As we mentioned in one of our previous reviews, the Better Business Bureau as released a statement warning the general public about the significant upswing of online retail scams taking root within the retail industry.

Relying heavily upon social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to target consumers into their phony retail sites while further soliciting them by pretending to offer highly discounted consumer goods is how the past half dozen scams in this network have operated.

As we predicted early on, we don’t believe that scam network behind these fictitious online retailers are going to be stopping anytime soon.

With this in mind, if you have any experiences with or believe you know of a phony retail site that may be affiliated with this scam network we invite you to share your wisdom and feedback with us below.

The sooner we can expose these fake online retail scams the less likely that consumers will fall victim to such ridiculous retail scams.

Ruling: NikeBS is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

Feel free to share any insight or experiences you may have below!

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    this opinion are correct. i had bad experience when i ordered a shoes in no shoes delivered to my address. everyone should ignore

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