JustPinkParis.com Review – (80% Off Scam Retailer)

JustPinkParis (JustPinkParis.com) is a recently incepted and launched scam retailer pretending to offer a wide assortment of woman apparel.

Among the type of inventory allegedly for sale at JustPinkParis.com would be long dresses, tops, short dresses, jumpsuits, beach wear, shoes and more.

What we found interesting regarding the JustPinkParis shopping platform would be how EVERY product featured on their site reflected a 60% to 80% ‘sale’ discount.

Products originally listed for retail over $150 are allegedly available for just over $30 while according to the header of their site all purchases over $79 qualify for free shipping.

While JustPinkParis may appeal to the average consumer you should be warned that JustPinkParis is another phony oversea scam retailer.

To learn more regarding the JustPinkParis.com scam and WHY you should avoid this misleading retail site we invite you to read our unbiased review.

What is JustPinkParis.com?

JustPinkParis.com markets themselves as a unique shopping website that focuses specifically on women’s fashion.

Claiming to offer fast fashion at designer boutique quality, JustPinkParis offers women’s clothing, jewelry, shoes, bags, jumpsuits and many other apparel goods.

Targeting women demographics between the ages of 18 to 40, JustPinkParis looks to capitalize and fleece young women out of their hard-earned money.

Soliciting consumers into their retail trap by pretending to offer all their inventory at highly discounted rates is what makes JustPinkParis such a dangerous scam.

Who is Behind JustPinkParis?

JustPinkParis.com fails to disclose any reference to an overseeing or corporate entity.

No telephone number, physical address or identifying information of the sort is shared at JustPinkParis, meaning that they are operating as a completely anonymous online retailer.

Their About Us and Contact Us pages render us no information that can be used to help us identify them while their Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy imply that JustPinkParis.com is operating as their sole entity.

Shipping & Returns

If you place a purchase through JustPinkParis it is estimated that processing time may take up to 5 business days to gather and ship your order.

From there you can expect to receive your order within 10 to 35 business days.

For information regarding your orders online shoppers are prompted to email service@justpinkparis.com.

Refunds are allegedly accepted within 30 days of delivery date although there are a couple exemptions:

  • Final sale item(s) are not eligible for return or exchange
  • Swimwear is not eligible for return or exchange

Considering the fact that EVERY item featured at JustPinkParis are sale items, you are shit-out-of-luck when trying to conduct returns of any nature.

Domain Insight

JustPinkParis.com was privately registered on March 18th, 2019 through the GoDaddy, LLC registrar.

Employing a privacy package based out of China, we are unable to identify who may be behind the JustPinkParis scam.

JustPinkParis.com fails to reflect any web rankings amongst market intelligence sites such as SimiliarWeb, indicating to us that they don’t receive much organic site traffic.

We imagine that the operators behind these scams will utilize social media marketing campaigns to draw in and solicit consumers into their scam retailer.


No Ownership Information

The concept behind Just Pink Paris is great but they utterly fail to back it up.

Again, there is no ownership information of the sort disclosed.

No physical addresses, no telephone numbers or any information derived from JustPinkParis.com can be used to identify an entity behind this scam.

Too Good To Be True

Every heard of that ole adage?

Well it certainly applies to JustPinkParis.

Baiting consumers by offering every product on their site off by 60% to 80% retail value is a common characteristic that we encounter when exposing online retail scams.

Restrictive Return Policies

Every item for sale on JustPinkParis are not eligible for returns.

Considering the fact that every item featured on their site are on sale, it leaves the consumers in a particularly difficult situation.

Not that you would have a physical address to return the items too, as we previously mentioned no physical addresses are disclosed at JustPinkParis.com.

Minimum Contact Methods

The only contact method we are provided at JustPinkParis.com would be service@justpinkparis.com.

Is JustPinkParis.com a Scam?

Yes, JustPinkParis.com is a scam.

JustPinkParis Review Conclusion

JustPinkParis functions as an anonymous online retailer that pretends to offer a generous selection of women apparel goods.

Soliciting women from various demographics and age groups, JustPinkParis.com is a dangerous retail scam that needs to be avoided by any costs.

Why shop with an online retailer that intentionally fails to provide a scrap of intel regarding who they are, where they are based and some of the most consumer restrictive shopping policies?

It is beyond evident that JustPinkParis is another retail scam trying to steal consumers hard-earned money.

Verdict: JustPinkParis is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: JustPinkParis.com

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