is a Scam! – Avoid this Fraud!

At a glance it is easy to deduce that is a scam site.

Pretending to offer highly discounted women apparel goods, ShopGlows is a fraudulent retail site predominately targeting consumers through Facebook.

By conducting misleading advertising campaigns through Facebook, the operators behind has been able to keep a low profile on the web while fleecing consumers out of their hard-earned money.

To get the full scoop regarding, please read our honest review.

Why ShopGlows is a Scam

  • Promotes Too Good To Be True Pricing
  • Historically, ShopGlows had used as their support email
  • is a known fraudulent retail site online
  • Employ Misleading Advertising Ads on Facebook to Draw in Unsuspecting Shoppers
  • They provide incomplete payment, shipping and return page policies
  • No verifiable identifying information can be found, operates anonymously
  • There are no real contact methods shared
  • Terms of Service Page reveal they refuse to accept any liability for their site

About ShopGlows presents themselves as a trendy, discount retailer.

Among the selection of inventory supported include:

  • Women’s Boots
  • Women’s Coats
  • Women’s Jewelry
  • Women’s Shoes
  • Women’s Socks
  • Women’s Accessories

Every product featured at reflects some form of online discount.

As previously stated, the operators behind ShopGlows is primary targeting young women who reside within the United States.

Promotions run thick at ShopGlows.

“Free shipping for orders over $69.99”

“2020 Big Sale”

“Up To 80% OFF”

Back-tracing product images through Google will reveal that none of the products featured for retail at originate from their site.

While the site may appear legitimate to many eager consumers looking to save money while shopping online, that is NOT the case.


There are no references to a corporate entity, telephone number or something as simple as a physical address.

ShopGlows used to have as their disclosed contact method but since then the operators have replaced it with

If you took the time to visit Fasigal, you may notice how they reflect identical site elements and that itself serves as testament that the operators behind also likely created

Site Analysis

ShopGlows was a privately registered site created on August 27th, 2019.

The site is set to expire in 7 months in August 2020.

Evidently the operators don’t plan to stick around for long, a trait common amongst fraudulent retail sites.

According to SimiliarWeb, reflects a US web rank of 206,267, which indicates that the operators behind this scam are primarily drawing in US traffic.

What we found interesting in the SimiliarWeb report would be how 64.27% of all the ShopGlow’s traffic originates from Facebook.

This undeniable goes to show that these scammers are relying heavily upon social media advertising as a crutch to say in business longer while conducting more targeted advertising campaigns.

Is a Scam?

Yes, is a retail scam site.

ShopGlows Scam Review is a discount retail scam site.

Affiliated with Fasigal, another known retail scam, it is obvious that ShopGlows cannot be trusted.

If you’ve been scammed, it is important that you follow the steps of our Chargeback Guide to learn your best course of action to get your stolen funds back.

Outcome: ShopGlows is a scam!

Blacklisted Site: ShopGlows

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