William Mills ‘Free’ Watch Scam? – Shopper Alert!

A recently pioneered retail site found at william-mills.com is the latest online ‘retailer’ offering free goods, but what’s the catch?

The catch is that not only will you not likely receive the free watches that you were hoping too but more importantly would be how the operators now have your disclosed personal and financial information you shared during checkout.

Not all watches featured at William Mills are free, just select ones.

To get the full scoop WHY we are blacklisting William Mills, keep on reading!

Why Williams Mills Cannot Be Trusted

  • No ownership or company information
  • No physical addresses are disclosed
  • No telephone numbers are provided
  • Promotes Too Good To Be True Retail Offers
  • Features Incomplete Shipping, Return & Payment Policies
  • Fails to provide any insight into their business purpose or origins
  • Reflects a scam consensus online amongst review portals
  • Site appears to be incomplete and not optimal for consumers
  • Some textual elements of the site are in varying languages

About William Mills

William-Mills distinguishes themselves as a straight-forward online retailer that offers fashionable and modern watches for men and women.

The site features 6 pairs of watches for both genders.

Each watch reflects a price tag of $80.00.

Earlier this week, it was reported that William Mills conducted several advertising campaigns where they offered their watches for free.

All you had to do was visit their site, select the watch, and conduct a checkout.

What the operators failed to tell you, and won’t tell you, however, is that their sole mission is to acquire your personal and financial information.

Which becomes gathered when completing the checkout process (due to having to pay for shipping).

From there, and in our experience of exposing retail scams, it is not uncharacteristic for these malicious site operators to try conducting up-charges on disclosed payment methods (such as credit cards and debit cards) and more often than not these transactions are attempted several times until the buyer becomes aware that their card now has been excessively charged.

While we are unable to verify with utmost certainty that William Mills is acting of the same accord, their shady retail site and lack of credibility make them a close fit which is why we are urging online shoppers to avoid William Mills watches as a whole.

Contacting William-Mills.com

There are no identifying details shared at William Mills.

No reference to a corporate entity or a physical address can be found.

The only contact information we are provided would be contact.williammills@gmail.com.

Retail sites that fail to reflect an email address that includes their URL should be tread with great caution.

Site Background

William-Mills.com was a privately registered site created on December 1st, 2019.

According to the WHOIS report, William-Mills.com was acquired through Tucows Domains, Inc and is set to expire on December 1st, 2020.

Is William Mills a scam?

We lack the definitive evidence to fully exploit William Mills as a scam but we certainly do not feel that they are trustworthy, not until more verifiable ownership and contact information can be rendered.

William-Mills.com Scam Review

William Mills is an online retail site that operates with intentional anonymity and fails to include any verifiable contact methods for prospective shoppers.

What legitimate retailer do you know that fails to include transparent company, contact, and business purpose information?

The answer is probably not many, if any at all.

Therefore, why would William Mills be any different?

Featuring a lack of credibility and transparency are why we are urging online shoppers to avoid William Mills and their occasional ‘free’ watches.

Outcome: William Mills Cannot Be Trusted!

Blacklisted Site: William-Mills.com

Please share any helpful insight or feedback you may have!


  1. Dora

    I found out now they go under the name of William Millers. So I know it’s most likely a scam, but decided to send a short email asking what happened to my order. Some guy actually replied saying they are really sorry and because of Valentine’s day apparently they had an issue. They actually gave me an email address on which I could ask for a tracking number. I doubt I’ll get anything, however I still did send an email.

    • Jen

      Same happened to me and to my surprise I actually got my watches today but the packaging for apparent 80 dollar watches isn’t what I was expecting.

  2. Lisa

    Yepppp happened to me too – I spent like $100 😭😭😭😭 no confirmation and still haven’t received anything in the mail 😟😟😟

  3. Rabia

    I saw advertising on Snapchat and I ordered three watches and it’s been like 17 days I haven’t received anything and I tried to look up and the website is down like wth It’s so sad literally got scammed:/

    • Ali

      Same. I emailed to see when the watches would be shipped and got a response asking for the order number. When I tried to respond the email had been disabled. It came from a “Lisa Daniels” but the email message said this:

      I’m Arnold, the manager of customer service at William Mills ️
      I personally take care of the good progress of orders.

      Can you please provide us with your order number so that I can check and come back towards you with more details.

      Best regards,
      The William Mills team

  4. Alma

    I order two watches on feb 3 . I did got back a confirmation # . The email said that the shipment was standard mailing. Is been more than 10days and I haven’t receive nothing.

    I tried to track my order and the website is down. Ahhhh this is such a scam!

    Bhad Bhabie was the one promoting this via snap chat. I’m upset about all this

  5. Jaden

    This what they sent me VIA email. I messaged them and asked why I haven’t received a tracking number and that I would like to cancel my order and get a refund.

    I’m Daniel, the customer relationship management assistant at William Mills ️
    I personally take care of the good progress of orders.
    Thank you for contacting our support

    We fully understand your concern and your questions,

    Here is some important information to take into account for your order:
    • First, we would like to apologize for not providing you with a tracking number and not being able to follow your order on our website since it has been offline the last few days
    • Second, your order has been saved and is already on its way to your address it’s in transit and soon will be in the hands of the transport company (even if you have no access to the website its on the way)

    We want to inform you due to the large number of orders for the Valentine’s Day and the jealousy of other companies due to our success and the thoughts we put in each order so that it can be shipped and delivered to you our dear client our servers have been under cyberattack and have crashed as you can see since you have no more access to the link of the website but don’t worry, we are working on them around the clock right now to fix the problem and build a new stronger website so that this issue that we are having never happen again there for we want you to be patient about your order its already on its way
    This delay is exceptional, and we apologize for this delay which we are suffering just like you.

    As soon as our new website is ready you will receive an email with the new link within 24h so that you can access and track your order

    Thank you for your understanding

    Best regards,
    The William Mills team

  6. Kree

    Omg I got scammed as well. I checked to see where my shipping is and The website was shut down. Bhad Bhabie was advertising to her followers. I’m so upset.

  7. Quinn

    They literally charged me for that watch, but I even could not open that freaking website so how am I gonna get my money back?!

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