Is a Scam? – FULL Scam Review!

Who is Johan Nordstrom from Trading Walk and is a Scam?

Those are the two big questions that we aim to answer throughout the course of this honest, investigative review.

Trading Walk, hosted at, is an online investment portal that is marketed as an educational platform for prospective day traders.

Featuring a wide selection of purchasable trading courses and investment solutions, Trading Walk structures their site as the one-stop-shop for intraday traders looking to invest online.

Incepted in 2015 yet failing to reflect relevant community feedback, it is a wonder why Trading Walk hasn’t amassed a verifiable pool of investor reviews.

To learn more regarding and whether you can trust your hard-earned money with Johan Nordstrom we invite you to continue reading our unbiased review.


Trading Walk is an online investor hub that supports a few select brokerage reviews, purchasable day-trading courses along with a varying collection of trading softwares.

To expand, also shared blog posts concerning forex brokers, trading platforms, binary brokerages, trading books along with what they deem to be the best indicator on the market (which is their own).

Below are the 7 courses currently available at

TrendPulse Pro (most recommended indicator)

Description: Receive daily high profit trading signals.

Access Time: Lifetime

Cost: $47.00

FX Master Code

Description: Best Binary Options Strategy, 7 signals per hour.

Access Time: Lifetime

Cost: $97.00

Winning Strategy Guide

Description: Strategy for FX, Stocks, Cryptos or Options.

Access Time: Lifetime

Cost: Free (PDF Download)

Fibonacci Strategy Cheat Sheet

Description: A ‘profitable’ Fibonacci strategy.

Access Time: Lifetime

Cost: Free (PDF Download)

Pro Trading Program

Description: Receive Top 3 powerful trading strategies.

Access Time: Lifetime

Cost: $297.00

Candlestick Profits

Description: Learn candlestick formations and candlestick strategies.

Access Time: Lifetime

Cost: $7.00

Personalized Mentorship

Description: Receive one-on-one mentoring with Johan Nordstrom.

Access Time: Not Available

Cost: Not Available

Who is Johan Nordstrom?

Johan Nordstrom is the CEO behind Trading Walk.

John Nordstrom’s Trading Walk story can be found on his LinkedIn, “I started with the goal to provide traders with valuable swing and intraday trading strategies, trading rules, and knowledge traders should practice to become the best traders they can be…”

To add, Johan discloses that he possesses as Master Degree in Risk Management and has worked in the finance industry, first in investment operations then later on as a financial advisor.

Today, Johan Nordstrom is said to educate prospective day trading students while trading for a living at

During the time of researching Johan Nordstrom we did not come across any evidence to suggest that he was an untrustworthy or fictitious entity, he checked out when we conducting our entity test. Reviews

The only relevant echo of community feedback we could find regarding would be through their Facebook page, apart from that Trading Walk does not reflect much investor feedback across the web.

Contacting Trading Walk

Trading Walk provides a few different outlets to connect with them.

First, you can visit their Contact Page and utilize their contact submission form.

While the following email addresses weren’t visibly disclosed on other pages, according to the Privacy Policy of, they can also be reached at and

In addition to Facebook, Trading Walk can also be reached through Instagram or YouTube.

Domain Insight was a privately registered domain that was created on November 10th, 2015 through the FastDomain, Inc. registrar.

According to SimiliarWeb, reflected a global rank of 798,646 with a Brazil rank of 224,571 as of April 24th, 2019.

Over 24% of the sites traffic is derived from social media based platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

Throughout the past 6 months it appears that Trading Walk has sustained well-over 40,000 monthly visitors, a quarter of which stem from social platforms.

Is a Scam?

No, we do not believe to be a scam.

Can Trading Walk Make You Money?

Whether or not the solutions and courses featured at Trading Walk can make you money is unknown.

This is largely contributed to the fact that Trading Walk does not disclose a transparent ledger of investment history.

Whose to say their day trading signals are really profiting or not?

The only reassuring thing regarding the solutions and courses at Trading Walk would be that each of them are allegedly backed by a 60 day money back guarantee.

3 Points to Consider

  1. receives nearly 25% of their traffic from social media based sources, as a result their platform doesn’t gross much organic, raw traffic and does not appear as reputable as they truly are.
  2. As a result of the first point, the scarcity and lack of verifiable investor feedback regarding Trading Walk is substantial. Who really knows if what John Nordstrom is selling is worth your hard-earned money?
  3. Trading Walk supports a 60 day money back guarantee through dependable payment methods, which means you shouldn’t have much difficulty obtaining a refund if should things don’t come into fruition as intended. Review

Trading Walk should be approached with caution.

Due to the considerable lack of community feedback surrounding, it is a mystery whether or not the opportunities available at Trading Walk are worth it or not.

While TradingWalk does assert that they offer a 60 day money back guarantee, the fact remains that they only accept credit and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover – not versatile payment portals such as PayPal that offer Buyer Protection.

Regardless, if you feel like the solutions and the trading courses available at are worth the shot then by all means go ahead and give them a shot, we only ask that you please share your insight and experiences with us afterwards!

Outcome: Use Trading Walk at OWN Risk!

We invite you to share any insight, feedback or experiences you may have below!


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