Opal&Peach.com Reviews – A Scam Online Retailer?

Opal&Peach (OpalandPeach.com) is marketed as a leading women’s fashion boutique, featuring fashionable and one-of-a-kind apparel, jewelry, and accessories.

Established a little over a year ago on April 11th, 2018, Opal and Peach presents the majority of their inventory as on sale items that reflect savings between 30% to 70% off original retail value.

Targeting budget-conscience online shoppers, Opal&Peach does an excellent job appealing to young women across a multitude of demographics.

To find out more regarding Opal&Peach and whether you can trust this online retailer we invite you to read our unbiased review.

About Opal&Peach

Opal&Peach offers a sleek interface with trendy consumer apparel and accessories.

As we briefly touched upon, the majority of the inventory featured at Opal&Peach are marked down or sale items that reflect drastic online savings.

Whether or not Opal and Peach actually houses any inventory is still under debate.

As we have seen more and more of lately, there have been a high volume of overseas online retailers making debuts within the online shopping industry.

Many of these ‘online retailers’ are phony scams that bait consumers through marketing trendy and eye-catching apparel, jewelry and accessories with low price points.

Relying upon social media networks such as Facebook, Opal&Peach has started to fit the mold of other shady online retailers that draws unsuspecting consumers in through questionable marketing campaigns conducted across social platforms.

Who is Behind OpalandPeach.com?

As with most shady online retailers, Opal&Peach fails to disclose verifiable ownership information.

There is no telephone number to contact should any problems arise while the only way to reach out to Opal&Peach would be through their contact submission form or by emailing team@opalandpeach.com.

According to their Privacy Policy, OpalandPeach.com can be contacted at:

Opal & Peach
Re: Privacy Compliance
530 Harkle Rd, Santa Fe, NM, 87505, USA

When you search the physical address shared above, it turns out to the location of Cassutt Hays & Friedman P.A. Attorneys At Law, not Opal&Peach.

Domain Insight

OpalandPeach.com was a privately acquired domain that was registered on April 11th, 2018 through the Tucows Domains Inc. registrar.

According to SimiliarWeb, OpalandPeach.com reflected a global rank of 896,150 with a US rank of 314,344 as of April 23rd, 2019.

Approximately 29.10% of the sites traffic originates from social media based outlets such as Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest.

As a whole, OpalandPeach.com does not appear that reputable of an online retailer and appears not to receive much incoming traffic compared to competitors.

OpalandPeach.com Reviews

During the time of writing this review, Opal and Peach reflected minimum consumer feedback across the web.

The only source of feedback we found would be the following consumer reviews shared below from SiteJabber:

“Opal and Peach is an unreliable company. Buyer beware. I ordered free items’ and paid about $40 in shipping. Well after six months have passed and my items never arrived. They confirmed they never left the shipping facility… So far, my requests for a simple refund have been ignored. Subsequent emails have also been ignored and this has been going on for months. I recommend staying away from companies that are like this. Too good to be true. They have stolen from me. I just want my money back. They are thieves. I suggest not getting sucked in by temptation. Avoid at all costs.”

“Customer Service Is Like Talking To A Wall”

“I had originally found out about this website through an instagram advertisement. The advertisement in question was showcasing an opal ring, with the ad boasting that you’d get the ring free, all you had to pay was shipping and handling. At the time I ordered, I was made aware that these promo items would have an extended time before shipping, with the item expected in my hands 40 days after the order was placed. Since the company was upfront with this, I was understanding. It’s now been well over 60+ days since I placed my order…For the moment though, I’d just avoid this site entirely.”

As you can see the few reviews that there are regarding Opal and Peach are not constructive nor indicate that Opal and Peach is legitimate.

Is Opal&Peach Trustworthy?

Opal and Peach is NOT a trustworthy online retailer!

OpalandPeach.com Scam Conclusion

Opal&Peach presents their platform as a budget-friendly online retailer that supports an ample collection of woman boutique apparel, accessories and jewelry.

When investigating into the legitimacy of Opal and Peach we were unable to find any verifiable ownership information while the disclosed physical address in their Privacy Policy belong to an unrelated entity.

Relying upon social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, Opal&Peach will likely make their rounds scamming innocent consumers until enough evidence gets out to support that Opal&Peach is likely a scam.

While there is a considerable lack in community feedback the reviews we did find regarding Opal and Peach were not inviting or encouraging.

With this in mind we are urging online shoppers to avoid Opal&Peach.

Outcome: We do NOT advice shopping with Opal&Peach.

Blacklisted Site: OpalandPeach.com

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!


  1. Alex Pasqua

    Ordered a necklace and after 40 days passed without receiving I emailed them. I got a response that my item never left the shipping facility and that they could give me a credit toward another purchase. Well I didnt want a credit, I wanted my item with expedited shipping or I wanted a refund of my money spent. It has now been over 60 days and they are no longer even responding to my emails. They are a total scam out to steal from people with a low budget trying to buy christmas for their families.

  2. Joy

    I ordered the stone necklaces and received them about 4 weeks after ordering. They were huge and gawdy looking, the cheap chains were all tangled and one was broke. Do not do business with this company. What I received looked nothing like what was advertised.

  3. Tiffany

    This “company” took my money and never sent me the product I ordered and completely ignored my emails to support. TOTAL SCAM!! I will be sharing this with everyone on my social media to spread the word.

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