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Cathy Buy ( is an overseas online retailer that has, according to developing consumer feedback, been ripping off countless consumers out of their hard-earned money.

Masquerading their platform as a hip, discount online retailer, Cathy Buy aggressively targets young woman and men looking to save money while shopping trendy and eye-catching apparel items.

To learn the community consensus regarding and why you should avoid Cathy Buy we invite you to continue reading our honest review.

About is an online site that offers consumers the ability to shop a wide range of trending apparel items at discounted rates.

Structured as an overseas online site, it is unknown whether or not actually possesses inventory or if they are just another questionable drop-shipping site.

Most of the inventory featured at Cathy Buy reflect online savings between 30% to 70% of what asserts is the retail value.

Detailed on the About Us page of would be the following, “Our professional customer service team is always here to help you. Your satisfaction is our top priority!”

However, as you will soon discover below, actions speak louder than words.

Who is Behind

The About Us discloses FashionIcon Trading Limited as the corporate entity behind

The disclosed physical address is as follows Room 1501, 181 Queen’s Road Central, Grand Millennium Plaza, Hong Kong.

Unfortunately we were unable to verify whether or not ‘FashionIcon Trading Limited’ is an existing company since we couldn’t verify their existence across a multitude of business registrars.

To add, when you search their physical address in Google you may notice how that address appears to be affiliated with some shady service providers according to TrustPilot.

Furthermore, Cathy Buy fails to disclose FashionIcon Trading Limited in their Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy page, likely suggesting that the corporate entity implied as theirs is not actually real.

Domain Insight was registered by a privacy company based out of Hong Kong on September 21st, 2018 through the GoDaddy, LLC registrar.

According to SimiliarWeb, reflected a global rank of 27,751 with a US rank of 6,201 as of April 22nd, 2019.

37.73% of the sites traffic is derived from display advertisements sources while an additional 21.26% originates from referral and social media based sources.

The top 5 referring sites funneling referral traffic into CathyBuy are shared below:

  5. Reviews states that their top priority is your satisfaction yet when you analyze consumer feedback it becomes quickly evident that is NOT the case.

According to SiteJabber, CathyBuy reflects a 2.5 out of 5 star rating out of 95 consumer reviews.

Shared below are the 3 most recent negative reviews we found:

“No phone numbers so you can contact them. They want you to email them and the emails can not be sent. BIG SCAM!!!! The rating should be a big ZERO.”

“The pictures of clothes on their sites is not the clothes that you receive. Bait and switch with terrible customer service! Junk clothing! I did SOOOOO much better on Poshmark. That site gave me quality clothing at great prices.”

“I TOTALLY once again for this sad sad joke of a clothing store! There is no rating here but the lowest of the low. They got me for 102.00 hard earned money very very sad ITS A FRAUDULENT COMPANY DON’T EVEN LOOK AT THIS SORRY ASS SCAM” also reflects positive consumer feedback, such as the couple experiences shared below:

“Shopping can be easy and fun, and Cathybuy is proof of that! I loved the experience and I plan to repeat it soon!”

“I am happy with the clothes that fit…most clothes that I bought come in 1-2 sizes smaller than what I usually wear but their sizing charts for each item does help to figure this out. It’s not 100% as I had to exchange a few items but over all it is a good guide line”

These consumer reviews can be found at TrustPilot, where reflected a 3 out of 5 star rating out of 43 consumer reviews during the time of writing this review. Complaints

The biggest collection of consumer feedback can be found pooled at PissedConsumer, where reflects a 1.6 out of 5 star rating out of 251 reviews.

Shared below is the most helpful voted consumer review:

“I ordered an item of clothing. Item is of cheap quality and small. Tracking from China base is long and untrackable. Though I received the item, I will NEVER order from this company again. American sounding company name, but Chinese origin! Company has no reason to provide valid customer service!”

Additional complaints can be found at

Can be Trusted?

Given the fact that essentially functions as an anonymous online retailer that fails to provide ample communication channels we do not believe their site can be trusted.

Cathy Buy Scam Exposed

CathyBuy is a shady online retailer that is becoming labeled as another fake online retailer.

Reflecting an excessive volume of troubling and disturbing consumer complaints, we do not imagine it will be long before CathyBuy is forced to closed their site down.

Why put your faith and money with a phony online retailer that fails to provide something as simple as a telephone number?

Do yourself and others a favor by avoiding as a whole, more likely than not your shopping experiences will end up like the experiences shared in the complaints section above.

Outcome: is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!


  1. ola

    They need to be shut dow immediatel. I did return because tge size they sent to me was way too small since 2018 that i return the dress they did not sent the it back to me and they did not return my money. Something needs to be doneeeeeeeeeee.

  2. Karen

    This Cathybuy site NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN!!!!!!!! BIG SCAM!!!!!

  3. Magín

    The absolute WORST! It took over a month to recieve the first part of my order, and the other part never arrived. The portion of my order that did arrive contained multiple damaged and defective items. Only one out of the 15 items I order looks even remotely close to the pictures on the website. The others look like they were sewed in the dark. There were stains, crooked stitching, random extra pieces of fabric cobbled together, and tears in the fabric. In addition the sizing is nothing like that described in the size charts. A 2xl was about the size of a typical small or medium. One of the items was displayed to be a below the knee lnfrh dress, but the item I received was the length of a shirt, and with extra seams that suggested they ran out of fabric. The fabric itself of all the items is super cheap and see through. When I tried to return the items, it was a total nightmare. They asked for photos documenting the damage, so I sent them, only to receive the exact same email requesting photos as a reply. I re-sent the photos multiple times, and sent more than 2 dozen back and forth emails. Each time they promise to accept the return, but never follow through. What a total nightmare. A fraud of a company.

  4. rebecca oconnell

    I have had the pleasure of shopping with cathybuy I spent about 240.00 I received 3 products threaten to go to my bank and have the charges reversed back You can not get hold of anybody by phone and the clothes were very cheap I will go to my bank because they are committing fraud [‘m not done with

  5. Terese T

    I am eternally grateful for these ‘reviews’. I was scammed pretty much the very same way by ‘InspireUplift’ take clients’ $$$; no merchandise; no customer service; no phone; no e-mail response:
    And yes they do change their names every time they are caught and exposed. Please be aware my Canadian friends, CathyBuy also does have a Canadian site. And you all know Canadians trust anything and everything that has a face and a mother. I was surely about to lose 500$ of my blood sweat and tears. Please be aware Canadians! Their inventory is so cost appealing and irresistibly attractive – bait and switch.
    I went all the way to the American and Canadian BBB; Trust Pilot; (very effective corporation against online scammers) they were extremely helpful. The Fraud dept. of the Canadian RCMP, but InspireUplift is still in business. So I really don’t understand.

  6. Kimberly Snow

    I ordered 3 times. they sent one. They refuse to send the rest of my order. I have contacted them 5 times and they tell me they are not going to send them yet they kept my money.

  7. Sharon Mease

    I ordered a top from cathbuy on the 17th of May this year I am still waiting and it is now the 10th of June it states that it takes 6 to 15 days for delivery and states that they will email you when items have been dispatched there has been nothing I will never be buying from these again n I am demanding my money back

  8. Nannetta

    I placed two orders with cathy buy in February. Please do not order from this company as I am out of $200.00. The company will not send my merchandise. They have no customer service number but you can email them and they reply “shipment in the mail.”Please contact the attorney general office and federal trade commission if you have been ripped off by these scammers. I am trying with your help get them banned from doing business in the United Stated!!!!

  9. Ome Owens

    BEWARE!!!!! ITS A SCAMS!!!!!

  10. Teresa T

    I ordered 5 items in a size 3X. According to the inch measurements, this would be an accurate size. I knew I was pushing it y expecting to get 5 items for $112, but they were so darn cute. When they finally arrived, my size 2 daughter couldn’t button a couple of them and she wouldn’t wear any of them because they were not at all cute.

  11. Dehbora McCabe

    This is the biggest scam. I ordered and paid over 6 weeks ago. They held on to my money and when I finally asked about the status of the order, claimed they were out of some items so they were “holding” it. I asked for a refund on the items not in stock and received an email saying no problem – have not seen a credit as of yet. Shipment finally arrived and it was a joke – pieces or scraps of material that have no shape, they don’t even fit the dollar store standard. You can’t even tell what they are supposed to be. The sizes must be in Hong Kong measurements because they would not fit an elf here. I’ve asked for a full refund and have yet to hear from them. SCAM – I can’t believe I continue to get advertisements from them touting their great goods. I can’t believe they get away with this.

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