WhoEasy.com Review – Is It Really a Scam?

WhoEasy.com has received warnings multiple warnings from the Better Business Bureau!

According to research, “consumer allege they receive unauthorized charges from the company.”

“When contacting the company, consumers are told they signed up for a monthly membership. Consumers claim they never signed up for a membership.”

“When consumers request a refund, they are told they can only receive a $10 refund.”

Interested to learn more regarding this questionable unethical privacy search engine?

Read our unbiased review to gather the facts and calculate a verdict for yourself!

WhoEasy.com Review

WhoEasy.com is an online search engine that provides ownership information behind particular telephone numbers.

Tired of receiving countless phone calls from potential prank callers, fraudsters, scammers, ex-boyfriend or wrong numbers?

WhoEasy.com offers their platform as a search engine to find out information relating to the entity and associated entities behind a particular phone number.

Offering a free trial period, there has been a disturbing history of consumer complaints relating to billing and refund issues.

After a consumer has enrolled for a free trial they are able to use their platform to conduct searches on various telephone numbers.

Simply type in the number you wish to search to conduct a reverse phone look up to get the name, address and more personal information relating to the entity behind a particular phone number.

Among the information that could possibly be disclosed would be: Name, Organization, Physical Address, Other Telephone Numbers, Banking and Legal Delinquencies, and Email Addresses.

WhoEasy.com provides consumers with the ability to conduct these sort of privacy searches.

Who is Behind WhoEasy.com?

WhoEasy.com wouldn’t have nearly as much credibility if they weren’t sufficient in covering their own tracks regarding ownership information.

Since the real functionality behind WhoEasy.com would be to conduct privacy searches to find out ownership information regarding the entities behind particular phone numbers, it comes to no surprise that WhoEasy.com would employ a strong privacy package with their hosting platform.

This is where we oftentimes search sources such as the Better Business Bureau as a means to find out more information.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Who Easy does not disclose a corporate entity, physical address, ownership information or any contact information.

As seen at the Better Business Bureau, WhoEasy.com reflects a troubling and excessive history of consumer complaints regarding billing and refund issues.

To learn more visit our Pattern of Complaints section below.

What Does WhoEasy.com Offer?

Who Easy provides a search engine for individuals looking to find out information relating to who is behind a particular telephone number.

Offering their platform to those who enroll with their platform or register for their “free trial.”

We say “free trial” because there has been a rich history of complaints regarding incorrect billings directly relating to their free trial offer.

Moving forward, WhoEasy.com also provides monitoring services for consumers who are curious about whether or not some other entity could be searching for information that is connected with their telephone number.

Pattern of Complaints

Things start to become interesting when researching for relevant community feedback regarding Who Easy.

When you come across ResellerRating for instance you see what appears to be an inorganic and probably fictitious review base where they are rating WhoEasy as 9.95/10.0 stars out of 57 reviews.

While other review sites such as PissedConsumer and RipoffReport reflect a different story entirely. Painting rich details of improper and unethical billing and refund practices, WhoEasy.com appears to be trying to cover up their tracks, again.

To learn more regarding the untrustworthiness of WhoEasy.com, visit the Better Business Bureau and gather the facts.

Among the chief complaints would be an inability to receive refunds, improper billing practices and evasiveness to address and resolve consumer complaints.

Accessing Popularity

WhoEasy.com appears to be relatively popular domain that reflects an average monthly visitor count of approximately 4.21 million. WhoEasy.com reflects a global rank of 15,998 with a US rank of 4,363 as of September 24th, 2018.

According to market intelligence insight, their income traffic sources include the United States (75.55%), Canada (12.23%), Dominican Republic (2.45%), India (1.44%) and Puerto Rico (0.68%).

Over 43% of their traffic comes from referral based sources while an additional 16.35% originates from display advertisements seen on SERPs.

Is WhoEasy.com a Scam?

Weighing the legitimacy of WhoEasy comes down to evaluating the weight carried by their reputability versus their troubling history of consumer complaints.

Given the fact that WhoEasy functions as a privacy search engine regarding sensitive personal information relating to certain phone numbers, it comes to no surprise we could not find any ownership information behind this operation.

Due to this lack of corporate transparency combined with their pattern of consumer complaints and it becomes clear that WhoEasy.com is not a trustworthy search engine to rely upon.

Our recommendation would be the free WhoIs.com site.

WhoEasy.com Review Conclusion

WhoEasy.com promotes their platform as a sleek and trustworthy search engine that can be used to find out information relating to an entity behind a phone number.

Given the indisputable pattern of consumer complaints, the lack of ownership information coupled with their unethical business practices we are advising all consumers to avoid WhoEasy.com.

Verdict: WhoEasy does not reflect trustworthy business history.

Blacklisted Site: WhoEasy.com

Please share any experiences, insight or opinions you may have by leaving your feedback below!


  1. Jacqueline Borle

    So, I used them today and they were going to charge me the .50 cents. but I never gave them any information about cards. They had my name, e-mail, ad phone no. Can they still try and pull something with me on this?

  2. April Rash

    WhoEasy gift me also. I had multiple charges that has came off of my card and I am totally pissed off about this situation something needs to be done. I haven’t gave them any permission at all to take money from me. I only draw one check a mth and I am not married or have any other means.

  3. Meredith

    Whoeasy got me too. Looked at my bank statement today and there was an unauthorized charge for $15.86 to Whoeasy. I had to google it because I’ve never heard of it before. I don’t suppose anybody has actually been able to get a refund?

  4. Abba

    Who the f#*# is whoeasys. You messing with the wrong person. Maybe 1 use you service once to locate my device “which was unsuccessful” and you charge me 3x in one day of c50 and 2x 6 days after of the same. FINE! Whoeasys never indicate that they will save my financial info and that I will have monthly deduction. lol this seems like a joke whoeasy have enrolled in autopay. So unu continue to blutclaat charge me October,November,December,January and February. This got to stop. When did we sign a binding contract to state that am accessing your service so you should charge me. Every month you dive up in a me money. I demand a refund from October.

  5. Gerald breland

    This fucking company is seriously shoving it up our asses really deep with no ky. They tried to get me for 50 bucks but my card company alerted me that someone was trying to use my card. How the fuck did they get my debit card number to begin with? I dont mess with douche bag companies like this seriously? Where the fuck is this great country’s cyber crime division at? Shouldn’t they be kicking in some fuckboys door behind this shit? They kick in everybody else’s door where the fuck are they now? I dont get it. Now my goddamn debit card is locked up till I get another one because these cocksuckers tried to steal my shit and I can’t touch my money till Wednesday! Bitch ass shit. These motherfuckers need to be caught beat within a inch of their lives and fucked in the ass with hippopotamus dicks repeatedly. yea that’s how I feel fuckem no mercy. Bitch motherfuckers.

  6. Fares

    It’s a scammer some indian fucker from east india running this scam i didn’t bother with the 1 dollar but trying to take 50 dollar out of my account fuck yoy mother fucker.

  7. Eric

    I used it once, it was supposed to be 1$ per phone number so I tried it for one number. It said that we could try another one for free, so I did.
    Today a get my Visa bill and see that 28$ to pay to WhoEazy.

    • Shawn B

      Who can we further appeal to get a refund?

      • Martin Chapman

        Customer service just informed me that a 24 hr wait time is necessary to refund my unauthorized charges totaling 27.95 will be addressed in the 24 hr period by email to me. A pending withdrawal of an additional 15.86 will total to 43.75 which I will probably never see. This company is a scam my advice is to close all credit card accounts then take this matter to the U.S department of Consumer Fraud. My personal wishes would be to introduce the perpetrators of this farce to my good friends. Mrs. SMITH AND WESSON WITH 3 .357 MAGNUMS TO BOTH KNEES WATCH THESE BASTARDS SQUIRM IN PAIN AND PUT THE LAST ROUND DEAD BETWEEN THEIR EYES. AS SOON AS I GOT TIRED OF SEEING THEM SUFFER FOR 24 HRS.

    • Xiao khit

      I received the same thing and unfortunately i didnt bother to ask them for refund but i was able to call them and cancelled my subscription.

      • Susana

        a que numero llamaste? ya que a mi no me aparece ningun numero donde poder llamar

    • Luc Pellerin

      Definitely a small print type of fraud. I knew I had to cancel my phone lookup service I had used, and did. BUT those fuckers had a double registration . The second one was for email lookup which I did not use and that they had activated without me knowing.

  8. Samuel

    Fuck this company and the frauds who run it

  9. Javier DeJesus

    I can’t believe this… Their charging me without authorization…

  10. Kevin

    Plain and simple they are a scam you are going to regret it if you join……

  11. You Have A Big Cock

    Yah my ex gf is a cheating pos and she sent me a link to this site what a fucking joke first and foremost u can not track a cell phone without installing software on that phone you want to track and really if someone is calling you none stop start having phone sex with them cause 99% of the time it’s an ex so just remind them that playing with yourself is still better then them and breath heavily in the phone or send me money and I’ll do it ppl stop wasting ur time first of all if you even think ur partner is cheating or going to watch monkey fights without you then u need to put them out beside the trash

  12. Louis Labrecque

    They Scam you and you can’t do anything except finally someone will and end their misery

  13. Sarah Toerien

    How on earth do I cancel this? Have NO idea how they got into my banking details !! Please ANY advice or help……I am from South Africa!

    • Javier DeJesus

      Their doing the same thing to me

  14. Craig W Fowler

    I can’t find an option to cancel my subscription. Only thing on my account is amount paid and that’s it. There’s no option to cancel

    • Darrell

      You have to call the agency directly with your account number to cancel. Make sure yo write down the reps name, I’d # if they have one, day and time you call. If gor any reason it doesn’t cancel, contact your bank and contest the charge(s). Be sure to give the bank the date n time you talked to the agency, the reps name n any I’d #, and a confirmation # of the cancellation if you have one.

      Hope this helps!

  15. Chester

    Your site would be more credible if it gave the address of Whoeasy.com.

  16. Sherl

    Whoeasy is a company that operates on the razors edge of fraud. Their business model is not to make money with a legitimate service offering, but rather to trick people into opening an account then making it difficult to cancel recurring credit card charges.

    By overstating the “service” they provide, they essentially trick people into opening accounts. Once open, the reoccurring credit card charges begin and it is very difficult to get them to stop.

    Even once a client cancels the service- charges continue. Whoeasy bundles it’s different “services” into one monthly fee – but each service must be canceled separately.

    People cancel a service, receive a confirmation email and believe the account is closed. They are unaware that charges will continue on their credit card. The company practice is deliberately misleading. It relies on the fact that people don’t inspect their credit card charges as closely as the should – often months pass before its noticed.

    Unethical practices. Stay away from Whoeasy- spread the word!

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