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Maintaining a healthy happy relationship (let alone a marriage with kids) is hard and less uncommon than we think. Most couples, when reaching an obstacle in the relationship, believe that they should either fix this on their own, turn to an outside help (usually counseling) or just break it off. ‘Save the Marriage System’ ( by Dr.  Lee H. Baucom offers an affordable solution that reportedly brings faster and better results than couples’ therapy. The system aims to save the relationship of couples in crisis, even if they are on the verge of divorce.

In this article I will detaily share my opinion about this system, explaining what it provides and what are its pros and cons.

After doing so, I am sure you will know if this is the program you are looking for (or not).

Save the Marriage System in a nutshell

Save the Marriage system is written and developed by Dr. Lee H Baucom. Baucom has a wide experience helping struggling couples as a relationship expert and marriage counselor, for over 20 years.

The main goal of the ‘Save the Marriage System’ (as you can probably tell by its title) is helping couples who might be headed for divorce, repair their marriage, all around the world.

The program aims to improve the communication between the couple, teaching them to understand themselves and their partners better.

According to Baucom, Healthy and productive communication is related to many aspects of the relationship and can resolve issues such as financial problems, intimacy and raising children.

Baucom differentiates his approach, compared to marital counselors, by marketing that his approach is more relevant and up to date, dealing with the common couples’ problems today. Whereas marital counselors usually follow old approaches that are not as relevant today, Baucom’s approach is based on scientific research relevant to nowadays.

According to Baucom, the ‘Save the Marriage System’ will provide couples the tools they need in order to resolve their conflicts, along with renewing deep respect and appreciation for their partners. This way they will repair their relationship and pave the way for a happy and peaceful marriage for years to come.

What does the program offer?

Save the Marriage system include written and audio guides that were created by Dr. Lee H Baucom:

Main manual – “Save the Marriage”

An interactive ebook of 159 pages with plenty of background and theory but also action items the reader has to follow – ask questions, assignments to complete and more.

The manual includes 17 chapters and a variety of bonus material, which helps the experience to be more interactive.

The content of the manual is wide and comprehensive, focusing on 3 main ideas:

The fall of traditional coupled therapy

Dr, Baucom explains thoroughly the reasons traditional couples therapy fails in high percentages.

In his eyes, lack of accurate perception of the couple is the main reason for failed marriages.  Whereas traditional therapy focuses on how couples should communicate with each other, Save the Marriage System focus on recognizing the different perception each individual has.

In other words, while traditional couples therapy focuses on the “how”, this guide focuses on the “what”.

Focusing on “We” instead of 2 individuals

When a married couple starts to focus on individual interest instead of their shared interests – problems and arguments become inevitable. Each individual has different abilities, wishes, strengths and limitations. Therefore, expecting both partners to contribute equally to the relationship or the household is impossible. In order to have peaceful and long lasting relationship the couple needs to learn how to look for the shared good (‘We’) and not their individual interest (‘You’/’Me’).

The Trouble Zones in Marriage

The Manual also includes data, explanations and tips regarding to common issues of married couples such as: financial problems, intimacy issues, personal distance, different individual interests and more. For each subject the readers will get useful information along with practical advices, lessons and activities to do at home.

Apart from the main manual, reader will get other important materials (written or audio) about the following subjects:

  • Written report –  “The top 5 things not to when your partner wants out”
  • Written report –  “Quick start guide to saving your marriage”
  • Written report – “Down-N-Dirty guide to saving your marriage”
  • Written report – “5 rules for fair fighting”
  • Bonus e-book by Paul and Jennifer Thibeault – “Change of heart”
  • Audio guide – “Coping with midlife marriage crisis”
  • Audio guide – “Recovering from an affair”

Pros and Cons of “Saving the Marriage System”

Pros – “Saving the Marriage System”

  • Many online marriage programs available are written by writers – but not professionals in the field of relationships, psychology or counseling. Dr. Baucom definitely has the proper education and the relevant experience. Moreover, Dr. Baucom is also married for many years, which is also a plus when dealing advices about saving marriages.
  • Relationship guides usually require cooperation and hard work from both partners. Ofcourse, it is ideal when the couple is on board and is willing to work on the relationship. However, in many case of struggling marriages, only one partner is actually willing to put in the work. According to this program, if either the wife or the husband would be committed to saving the marriage – it could be enough for saving the marriage.
  • The guide includes both theoretical and practical lessons, providing a deep understanding of the theoretical background as well as clear cut practical instructions.
  • The guide is written in an engaging, clear and easy to follow language.
  • The programs costs 47$ (when on sale, most of the time). Other (top) online marital help programs are usually more expensive. Additionally, refund is available if you are not pleased with the program, for 60 days.
  • The guide has a lot of positive reviews.

Cons- “Saving the Marriage System”

  • The program is long and it takes hard work and commitment. Sometimes struggling couples don’t have the luxury of extra time and attention.
  • Baucom claims the program has 80% success rate, as opposed to 20% success rate of traditional therapy. I put it in under the “cons” list as this specific statistics seems less reliable. Even though the program is based on scientific research, some of the results are probably beautified in order to justify the idea. I’m not saying this fact regarding 80% success rate isn’t true – but it may depend on many other assumptions and circumstances that are not related to the quality of the product, such as: the age, education and other characteristics of couples going to traditional therapy vs. couples who will download and follow an online help program.
  • Some of the materials in the “Save the Marriage System” are unnecessary and/or less well explained for my opinion (for example, the “Quick start guide” written guide).
  • One of the advantages an online program should have is its relevance, though this program isn’t updated frequently.

Is the program a scam or a legit product?

In many ways this product sounds too good to be true.

I believe that although some of the facts are beatified in order to prove a point (like mentioned above), the program is legit and recommended. Personally, I’m not convinced traditional “face to face” therapy wouldn’t work better for many people. Saying that, if i were to choose an online marriage program – this will probably be the one. It is surprisingly rare to find such a well written, engageable program, created by a professional therapist and counselor with so many years of experience, like Dr. Bacuom. Review Conclusion

Trying to be as objective as possible – this product is helpful and legit. While reading the guide,  you might not agree or need everything it has to offer. Nevertheless, it will probably make you think, act and realize new things that could definitely help in saving your marriage.

Just remember, you know yourself best – so think carefully before choosing a traditional therapy or an online DIY program. In order follow up on an online program you need a lot more discipline and creativity – it is not for everyone.

Did you try “Save the Marriage System”? Let us know your thoughts by replying to this post.


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