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Yeaun ( is the latest trending scam starting to pick up traction within the online retail industry.

Likely affiliated with the ZodBuy and Kmkai scam that we have been exposing over the past week and a half, Yeaun reflects similar aesthetics to both verified scams and fits the mold of a fake online retailer that cannot be trusted.

To learn more regarding what we are coining to be the Yeaun scam we invite you to read our honest, unbiased review disclosed below.

About Yeaun

Yeaun appears to be an online marketplace that supports an ample selection of baby shoes.

Reflecting a minimalistic site template, Yeaun allegedly supports up to 135 pairs of baby shoes while offering a wide range of their inventory at what many would consider to be competitive price points.

Among one of the characteristics that makes such a dangerous retail scam would be how their site fails to arouse much suspicion amongst unsuspecting consumers.

Unlike many fraudulent online retailers that employ similar scam tactics, Yeaun does not try to bait consumers by pretending to offer huge online savings or ridiculous online sales that are clearly too good to be true.

Instead, Yeaun takes a more conservative approach (like ZodBuy and Kmkai) to scamming by simply setting up what appears to be a genuine retailer that offers competitive price points.

As a whole, however, Yeaun is NOT a legitimate retailer.

Who is Behind Yeaun?

Yeaun claims to be a, “a professional and reliable online shopping center..” yet they fail to disclose any verifiable ownership or corporate information.

Apart from an anonymous contact submission form featured on their Contact page, Yeaun only discloses the following identifying information:

Karley Adney
3717 Brunswick Drive
Carmel, IN 46033
United States

When cross-referencing ‘Karley Adney’ with Yeaun across social networks and search engines we were unable to verify the legitimacy of Karley Adney (the same instances happened with both and

The only other form of contact we are provided would be the email address

To add, Yeaun’s Privacy & Security and Terms of Use pages imply that is operating on its own accord while no shred of identifying information can be found.

Shipping & Refunds

Unlike with ZodBuy and Kmkai, which reflected identical shipping and return policies, Yeaun appears to reflect a variation of those policies.

Whether the con-artists behind this growing network of scams have caught wind of our reviews and made alternations we are not entirely sure.

While the format of these policies may be mixed around, when further investigated you can still connect many similarities and quickly deduce that the policy pages of Yeaun were taken from the same template used for both ZodBuy and Kmkai.

Domain Insight was privately registered on March 29th, 2019 through the GoDaddy, LLC registrar.

According to SimiliarWeb, does not reflect any web rankings according to their market intelligence report.

This could partially be due to the fact that Yeaun is a recently incepted domain, therefore the site has not had much time to accrue much organic traffic.

As with the ZodBuy and Kmkai scams we exposed, Yeaun appears to be relying heavily upon Facebook advertisement campaigns to solicit and bait consumers into their retail trap.

Yeaun Red Flags

Lack of Transparency

Yeaun does not provide verifiable ownership or identifying information.

No mention of a corporate entity can be found while the legitimacy of the entity known as Karley Adney is a total mystery.

More likely than not, ‘Karley Adney’ is nothing more than a figment of some demented scammers imagination used as a scapegoat to relay liability.

Affiliation with Known Scams is structured and organized with a similar site template of the ZodBuy scam and Kmkai scam that we exposed recently.

Not to mention that considerable portions of their policy pages are derived from both scam sites.

1 Year Domain Registration

Many phony online retailers will reduce their overhead costs by only registering their sites for a duration of 1 year.

Whereas, most legitimate online retailers that plan to stick around for years to come, will pay more upfront for 2, 5 or 10 year domain registrations to reduce their long-term overhead costs.

Clearly, does not plan to stick around for long.

Anonymous Contact Methods

Yeaun fails to disclose any identifying forms of contact.

Sure they disclose an address but you search that address in Google Maps you may notice how the address yields a residential address.

A residential address that we were unable to verify in affiliation with Karley Adney or

No telephone number, corporate entity or verifiable forms of contact can be found at, just how the scammers want it.

Is a Scam

Yes, is a scam.

Yeaun Scam Review

The creators behind the Kmkai and ZodBuy scams thought that they would only need to make a few minor alternations to their scam sites to negate suspicions.

However, it is clear that Yeaun is nothing more than another link in the chain of this scam networks growing list of retail scams.

Why trust your hard-earned money with an online retailer that fails to provide verifiable ownership information or the bare-bone minimum in regards to contact methods?

Clearly, Yeaun is NOT a trustworthy online retailer and should be avoided at all costs!

Best Retail Alternative:

Outcome: Yeaun is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

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  1. Kate

    Purchased two USA made can openers in May 2019. As ofAugust 21, 2019, have not received them. I am disputing the charge with my credit card company that has issued a $14.97 credit. I learned a good lesson to only order online from reputable companies! The federal government needs to prosecute these criminals!

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