is a SCAM – [Vile Retail Scam Revealed]

Vansaa ( is a phony online retailer that pretends to offer highly discounted Vans footwear.

Incepted last month, VansAA is part of an elaborate and ever-growing scam network that we have been exposing since December 2018.

To learn WHY you should avoid the Vansaa scam and which affiliated scam sites you should avoid we invite you to read our honest review.

About Vansaa

Vansaa is part of a growing network of retail scams.

Among the inventory allegedly supported at VansAA would be men and women Vans footwear.

Every product featured at reflects online savings between 50% to 90%.

At first, the con-artists behind these scams started out with generic, overseas appearing websites that offered what seemed like an endless assortment of consumer goods, gadgets and oddities.

However, after refining their scam approach, the scammers behind these network of scams seems to be content with targeting reputable name brands while stealing money from hard-working consumers.

Currently affiliated with 9 other retail scams, all of which we have exposed, there will be little doubt in your mind regarding the lack of legitimacy surrounding

Among the scam sites currently affiliated with Vansaa would be:

  1. HexPress.Shop
  2. GoodTop.Shop
  3. ZZPlus.Shop
  5. BTMD.Online

The first 5 domains listed above were the generic scam retail sites that pretended to offer hundreds of thousands of consumers goods.

However, later down the line, the creators behind this growing network of scams appear to have decided that is was more worthwhile and perhaps more lucrative for them to target reputable name brands while employing the same scam approach.

Shared below is the 3-step process we have used to better explain how this scam network is evolving their illicit scam tactics.

  • By targeting popular name brands with similar URLs, the creators behind these scams are better able to target and increase their consumer pool of victims by ‘offering’ select inventory
  • By enticing consumers with extremely low price points (oftentimes ranging between 70% to 95% retail value) the operators behind this scam have set their trap
  • The final step of the scam process would be the theft of a consumers hard-earned money, which if you took the time to browse our past scam reviews affiliated with you will notice is many

Among the targeted name brands so far would be Nike, The North Face, Keen Footwear and now Vans Footwear.

Shopping with Vansaa

The operators behind VansAA imply that the inventory supported on their site is Vans footwear.

Going so far as branding the logo of Vans onto their site template while incorporating the name into their URL, it is heavily asserted that is affiliated with Vans – but that is certainly not the truth.

Every product featured at Vansaa is greatly discounted while allegedly this site ships to over 220 countries.

Every order of $40 or more is said to come with free shipping while refunds attempts conducted at 30 days of the date of invoice are said to be deemed invalid.

As expected, the shipping and return policy of is the EXACT same as the policies from the NorCX, NikeBT, NikeXK and KeenCP scams.

Contacting Vansaa

One of the aggravating problems we have had since the start of exposing this relentless network of scams would be how well the con-artists behind these scams cover their tracks.

Again, no identifying or ownership information of the sort can be found at

The only information we are provided regarding how to get in touch with Vansaa would be the following email addresses below which have been a critical component in linking these scams together:


Popularity was privately registered on May 8th, 2019 through the, Inc. registrar.

According to SimilarWeb, does not reflect any web rankings as of June 1st, 2019.

This is likely due to the fact that Vansaa was recently created and has yet had the chance to build up much organic traffic.

2 BIG Red Flags

No Ownership Information

There is no ownership or identifying information of the sort that can be found at

As a whole, is operating as a completely anonymous scam retailer.

Linked with 9 Scams

VansAA would be a very convincing retailer had we not already linked this site with 9 other retail scams, bring the total tally up to 10 scam sites.

Reflecting the same site templates, policy pages along with aesthetics, it is evident that the creators behind these scams are exceptionally lazy and lack creative prowess.

Is a Scam?

Without a doubt, is a scam!

Vansaa Review – Closing Thoughts

As we predicted from the beginning, the creators behind this growing network of retail scams show no signs of slowing up any time soon.

Which reputable name brand will the scammers target next we cannot be sure but you can bet it will likely attempt to solicit consumers under a similar capacity as it has.

If you come across a retail site that you believe to be affiliated with this network of scams we ask that you please reach out to us and share your insight!

The more proactive we can be with exposing these growing trends of retail scams the less consumers may fall victim to these phony scams.

Outcome: Vansaa is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

Please share any insight or feedback you may have below!

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