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Solokk ( is amongst one of the latest scams to make their debut within the online retail industry.

What makes Solokk such a dangerous scam would be the network of experienced scam operators actively backing what we have already begun exposing as a growing network of retail scams.

Starting around Christmas time of 2018 we caught wind of a growing series of retail scams that started to periodically launch new retail scams every month or so.

However, after formulating what we are coining to be the 3-step scam process with these scams, it is evident that the release dates of these recently incepted retail scams are showing no signs of slowing down.

In fact, it appears the con-artists operating behind the scenes of these retail scams are accelerating their launch dates by launching their retail scams more frequently.

To learn more regarding the Solokk scam and the 10 other retail scams that we have exposed in affiliation with we invite you to read our honest review.

What is Solokk? reflects a minimalist site template and implies that they are affiliated with the reputable brand name Salomon.

Allegedly supporting outwear such as a coats and jackets, every product featured at Solokk reflects astronomical online savings ranging between 50% to 95% off.

In the header of the site we are confronted with the Salomon logo (directly implying that Solokk is affiliated with Salomon) but that is certainly not the case.

As you will shortly learn, nearly a half dozen of the most recently incepted scam campaigns launched by this network of scams have been targeting name brand products with the intentions of baiting consumers into believing that they are affiliated with such brands.

That, however, is a lie.

Salomon has no affiliation what-so-ever with Solokk and we imagine once they discover that Solokk is scamming innocent consumers by misleading them into believing they are purchasing Salomon goods they will be infuriated and take action.

Who is Behind does not reference an overseeing or corporate entity on their site.

In addition, no physical addresses or identifying information of the sort can be found which leaves Solokk to operate as a completely anonymous scam retailer (just the way the operators behind this scam intended).

The only contact methods that we were able to find on Solokk would be the same contact information we have found with the 10 other scam sites linked with Solokk, which are as followed:


Other than those 3 email addresses, discloses a contact submission form to ‘reach out to them’ although consumers who have had the unfortunate experiences of being scammed by their linked scam sites report that the operators behind these scams NEVER get back to them.

Linked Scam Sites

As we predicted early on, the list of retail scams within this network of phony retail sites is on the rise.

Bringing our total tally to 11, below are the 10 retail scams that we’ve exposed to date in affiliation with the network responsible for the Solokk scam:

  1. HexPress.Shop (generic scam site)
  2. GoodTop.Shop (generic scam site)
  3. ZZPlus.Shop (generic scam site)
  4. (generic scam site)
  5. BTMD.Online (generic scam site)
  6. (targeting The North Face brand)
  7. (targeting Nike brand)
  8. (targeting Nike brand)
  9. (targeting Keen footwear brand)
  10. (targeting Vans footwear brand)

The first five scams listed above also happen to be the first scams that we encountered during what we believe to be the early days of this scam network.

Functioning as generic scam sites that claimed to support hundreds of thousands of consumer goods, we find it likely that the con-artists behind these scams found it more effective to scam people by combining their usual scam tactics in combination with targeting name brands.

Thus creating what we are coining as the 3-Step Scam Process.

Here is how these scams now work:

The creators target reputable name brands that possess global prowess to bait a more select and oftentimes more eager consumer pool
By baiting consumers to their site with ‘highly discounted’ name brand goods for up to 95% off retail value, the operators behind this site grip their claws in deeper
The last step of this scam process would be the theft of a consumers hard-earned money

Oftentimes these scam sites will employ similar URLs in addition to embedding the logo of their targeted name brands on their site to render the illusion that they are affiliated with those popular brands when in reality there is no affiliation.

Domain Insight was registered on March 15th, 2019.

Detailed in the WHOIS report would be the following registrant contact information:

Name: Pan Tingting
Organization: Pan Tingting
Street: minxingqupujianglu688hao
City: Wuhan
State: Hainan
Postal Code: 210311
Country: CN
Phone: +86.2185665563

This is the first time that we have been able to link an ‘entity’ with this scam network.

Whether this is a fluke or an honest mistake on this scam networks behalf we are uncertain but we weren’t going to pass up the possibility of connecting a potential entity to this ever-growing scam network.

As of June 2nd, 2019 reflected a global rank of 861,216 with a Germany rank of 197,545 on SimilarWeb indicating to us that Solokk currently does not receive much organic traffic.

Why You Should Avoid

  1. Solokk reflects crystal clear affiliation with known retail scam sites.
  2. Solokk fails to disclose a physical address or any identifying information.
  3. Solokk appears to be operating as an anonymous scam site.
  4. Solokk provides incomplete operational information regarding their shopping.
  5. Solokk is nothing more than a varying clone site of previously exposed scams.

Is a Scam?

Yes, is a scam!

Solokk Review Conclusion

We almost wish we could say that we are growing tired of these sporadically appearing retail scams but the truth of the matter is that (among with it’s affiliated scam sites) are plaguing the online retail industry and we thoroughly enjoy exposing these scams.

Being able to protect online shoppers while providing insight to legitimate alternatives is what gives our site purpose.

If you know of any retail sites that you believe to be affiliated with Solokk we ask that you please share your insight below.

To add, many of the scams that we have already exposed in cahoots with this scam network have been relying heavily upon Facebook marketing campaigns to solicit consumers into their phony retail sites.

With this in mind, we ask that you please do not only yourself but others a courtesy by sharing this review – by sharing you may help others avoid being a victim to this growing scam network that has already fleeced THOUSANDS from unsuspecting online shoppers.

Ruling: Solokk is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

Please share any insight or feedback you may possess below!

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  1. Gabriel

    Buen día. Mi nombre es Gabriel.
    Fui estafado por la tienda online falsa
    Comprando 2 pares de zapatillas salomon, recibí en 60 días una gorra Gucci copia, no original, por un valor bajísimo.
    Las direcciones de correo no responden, son falsas. Sólo una, me sugiere que me quede con lo recibido y que quieren darme el 30 % del valor de compra.
    A su vez con la transacción de la tarjeta de crédito, la suma del valor de compra fue triplicado.
    Descubrí otra página falsa además de la de,

  2. John Burns The Power Tool Shop linked to advertising on Facebook with “up to 95% off on tools

  3. Alison

    Hi Tim,
    We also have come across the following that may be scams affiliated with Solokk. These were listed in a picture and posted repeatedly (virus) on a friends facebook page, since late May2019, tagging in friends off his friends list. This is perhaps a 4th step in the scam process, as it certainly made us look twice as it was a reputable friend, and we had been tagged specifically, along with about 15 other friends. I have since seen it in my new feed every few days, with a different 15-20 of his friends tagged.
    The sites are:
    The North Face:
    Ralph Lauren:
    Adidas Nike New Balance:

  4. Kat

    Another round:

  5. Kirjaaja

    Thank you Tim for your review!
    I came across these websites and they also seem to be scams and affiliated with Solokk

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