ZodBuy.com Review – [AVOID This Retail Scam]

ZodBuy (ZodBuy.com) is a new online retailer that claims to offer a select inventory of rugs at ridiculously low prices.

Enticing consumers by falsely alluding to them that they can purchase these area rugs at price points that reflect online savings between 60% to 95% off what is considered the ‘norm’ is the name of the game with ZodBuy.

Reflecting many of the aesthetics of the Kwkai scam that we exposed earlier this week, there are many red flags relating to what we are coining the ZodBuy scam.

To learn about the multiple discrepancies plaguing ZodBuy.com and WHY you should avoid this fake online retailer we invite you to read our unbiased review.

About ZodBuy

ZodBuy presents their platform as an online retailer that offers a narrow selection of rugs.

These rugs can be found priced between $16.95 to $24.65.

Featuring no more than a dozen rugs, ZodBuy provides a minimalist approach towards enticing consumers into their web of falsehoods.

When researched, for example, some of the rugs allegedly featured at ZodBuy at those drastic price reductions can be found at reputable retailers such as The Home Depot and WayFair for hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Who is Behind ZodBuy?

ZodBuy discloses the following contact information on their Contact Us page:

Christina Gilliland
3961 Sherwood Lakes Blvd
Jackson, MI 49203
United States

Email: christinagilady@gmail.com

When you search the said address disclosed above it comes up as a residential address.

Whether or not this address is actually the headquarters of ZodBuy we are uncertain but we don’t believe it likely.

When we cross-referenced Christina Gilliland with ZodBuy across social networks and search engines we were unable to verify that ‘Christina Gilliland’ is an existing entity.

No reference to a corporate entity can be found disclosed at ZodBuy while according to the sites Terms and Conditions page ZodBuy appears to be acting as their sole entity.

Shipping & Returns

As we hinted at earlier, ZodBuy reflects many of the visual characteristics exerted by the Kmkai scam that we exposed earlier this week.

Utilizing the same web template while reflecting the SAME shipping, refund and return policies it becomes quite evident that both of these scam sites are affiliated with one another.

According to ZodBuy, returns can only be conducted as long as you begin the return process within 30 days of your purchase.

As we indicated in our Kmkai review, shipping times offered through both of these sites can take up to 24 business days to be received, which may exceed the duration of 30 days, meaning that consumers would be shit-out-luck when trying to return their purchases.

Not that they wouldn’t have any luck anyway, many consumers have reported trying to contact Kmkai operators multiple times without any luck.

Domain Insight

ZodBuy.com was privately registered on March 26th, 2019 through the GoDaddy registrar.

According to SimilarWeb, ZodBuy.com did not reflect much of a presence on the web and failed to reflect any web rankings as of May 29th, 2019.

This could partially be contributed to the fact that ZodBuy was recently created only a couple of months ago and has only thus started going viral.

ZodBuy Discrepancies

No Ownership Information

ZodBuy fails to disclose any verifiable ownership information.

No reference to a corporate entity can be found while the alleged operator Christina Gilliland cannot be found when researched on the net.

To add, detailed in the sites Terms and Conditions, it appears that ZodBuy is actively operating as their sole entity.

Shady Return & Shipping Policies

The shipping, return and refund policies featured at both Kmkai and ZodBuy put the consumers at a significant disadvantage.

Claiming that returns can only be exercised within 30 days of purchase while shipping duration may exceed outside that time frame is absolutely ridiculous and is NOT a characteristic exerted by reputable retailers.

Affiliation with Kmkai Scam

As we have indicated above, both ZodBuy.com and Kmkai.com reflect the same web templates along with the same shipping, refund and return policy pages.

1 Year Domain Registration

Most online retailers register their site for a minimum of 2 to 5 years, not 1 year registrations.

This is a common characteristic amongst pump-and-dump scam sites.

Minimum Contact Methods

ZodBuy.com only discloses an anonymous email address along with a residential address that cannot be verified at the headquarters of ZodBuy.

Is ZodBuy.com a Scam?

Yes, ZodBuy.com is a scam.

ZodBuy Review Conclusion

ZodBuy is part of the same scam network as the Kmkai scam that we exposed just a few short days ago.

While Kmkai featured towels, ZodBuy featured rugs.

What featured products that the scams succeeding within this network will target next we are uncertain but it may be relatively safe to assume that it will be some sort of home goods.

Due to the lack of operational transparency along with their irrefutable affiliation with the Kmkai scam it is beyond evident that ZodBuy is a fake online retailer that cannot be trusted.

Outcome: ZodBuy is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: ZodBuy.com

We invite you to share any insight and feedback you may have below.

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  1. tony

    DEf scam, purchase a ac cooler 70$, then just dawnwd its a carpet co.? went back all contacts phoen numbers dont lead no where, email was fraud. Pay pal pain in ass, lucky my bank took care of it.
    But yes google the company, i dont see why pay pal dont go after them or close them down.

  2. Elizabeth

    I bought a gaming keyboard for my 14 year old well I thought this was a great deal boy was I wrong I paid with my bank card to there PayPal I opened a dispute with my bank and I will be getting my refund but it takes some time but I hope my bank takes there lying deceiving asses to court

  3. Richard

    I ordered a stereo system through them at zodbuy I didn’t find any information online at the time. And I truly thought they were real retailer. I opened a dispute within hours after learning they were a fake site. I told PayPal that they had already shipped my item the minute I ordered and that was odd because they hadn’t received payment I paid using PayPal paycheck hello PayPal would not stop the transaction until it was finalized. I had to follow the rules and wait till the money had cleared with PayPal I didn’t get my product my product was actually shipped to Milwaukee I live in Kentucky it was actually shipped to the DHL and when I acquired about the shipping through DHL turned out to just be an envelope that was delivered to DHL address to DHL that was the tracking number. I immediately I got on PayPal open dispute PayPal has stopped their account but I presume that they have many accounts.the person that received my money is actually out of Hong Kong and doesn’t have any linked to this scam site. through that purchaser in fact PayPal told me that my payment was made through another site and asked the account was immediately placed on hold pending investigation and I presume that they have many of these accounts and are merely randomizing them when it’s time to check out. This site is definitely a scam site

  4. george

    i purchased a tool from them and paid for the shipping. i got the news that the item was shipped to a different state .is this place a joke?

    • Norm

      Contact Paypal. I too got bogus shipping /tracking info when I ordered on May 30th and have dispute with payppal ongoing. It’s def a scam.

  5. Kevin

    If you don’t mind waiting 24 days for an item and you don’t want a return it might be worth it don’t you think? Are they not covered by Paypal’s refund policies? Yes, they are.

    Also, Google allows them through their Shopping platform. Don’t you think Google should know about this?

  6. Ariel

    I thought I purchased a swing set for my oldest daughter’s 4th birthday at a great deal. I wish I had seen this page beforehand. Now I’m on hold with PayPal to get my money back so I can salvage her birthday present. People who scam others like this make me sick.

  7. Micheal Phillips

    Very fraudulent!! Charged my card 3x and sent a fake tracking number. All small charges after the initial purchase to avoid detection. STAY AWAY FROM ZODBUY.COM!!!!!!!

  8. Kevin

    Yes, this site also appeared for a welder I was searching for. It seems this site is teaching into any search criteria it can to snag potential victims. Lucily the welder I’m looking for is no where near the price they claimed, so it was pretty easy to determine… That and their complete lack of relevant descriptive information. Thank you for confirming my suspicions and spreading the word!!!

  9. Angela Miller

    Notice everyone is saying they’re item is $65 ($64.99) on zodbuy? And I found it w a Google search too! Ooh I’m so reporting this to Google!!!

  10. Angela Miller

    I was shopping online for a cheap or sale/clearance price for a 4k tv and ZODBUY.COM said I could get “Toshiba 55LF621U19 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV HDR – Fire TV Edition” for $64.99! I have only looked at amazon.com and bestbuy.com previously for a TV for 5 mins prior to seeing this and I THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU AGAIN!!! For this post!!! U saved my non-smart TV conessiour butt! Although it would be nice if they were that price. Lol I’m subscribing to your newsletters! Thank God for websites like yours!!!!

  11. Mega

    They are a scam site from China. They rack up paypal sales and hope that the buyer doesn’t dispute within 30 days enabling the scam to succeed. A very common web shark method. Criminal!

    • Hails

      How does one get a refund tho 😭

      • Kevin

        They take payments through Paypal so they are subject to Paypal’s policies. They can’t accept money without shipping what they advertised. Surely Paypal would shut them down before long.

  12. Shelly

    They have a $165 graco carseat on there for $65. You can only find it through a Google search though you can’t find the carseat on the actual website.

  13. Eric

    They list a brand new Wood Jointer for $65.00 which usually retails for @ $450.00 online (@ $200. used). I emailed to inquire about it but as expected no reply.

  14. Jason

    Interesting development. If you google ‘theremin’ a page on ZodBuy advertises one for an obscenely low price. If you go to their main page, no links to electronics. Maybe they’re about to shift their scam to music electronics?


    • Dave McCormick

      I have been thinking about a new sub woofer for my home theater and found a possiblity on Crutchfield. They had a 12 inch Klipsch R112SW originally $650 on sale over the Memorial Day weekend for $400.

      I started looking to see if I could find it cheaper and Zodbuy had them certified refurbished for $64.95 plus $5.00 for shipping. At the time I couldn’t really find anything good or bad online about Zodbuy.

      I decided even though it was to good to be true to give it a shot since I’d be covered by my credit card company and PayPal if I didn’t get my item.
      I ordered on Friday the 24th of May knowing it may take longer due to the Holiday. I have recieved no information from Zodbuy about anything. I emailed them last week to inquire about my order and thus far no response. When i log into my Zodbuy account I created it says success under the order. I emailed them again today but don’t anticipate hearing from them.

      I opened a dispute today with PayPal and reported the site and everything associated with it to them. Hope this helps in some way. Definitely a scam.

      • Kevin

        Any updates on your dispute through Paypal. I ordered from them and thought surely they would be subject to Paypal’s rules and couldn’t keep accepting payments through Paypal.

  15. George J Ogilvie

    I almost purchased a Holosun HS510C reflex sight for my AR from them. The lowest price I could find was about $275, their price was $65. Holy Crap Batman, this is amazing. I’m glad that I Googled them.

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