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Many couples find themselves after many years of marriage, realizing that their spouse is no longer the person they fell in love with, and wondering why they are still together. Relationship experts claim that most marriages can be revived and divorce should be the last resort. Your Marriage Savior ( by Michael Cross, like other marriage guides, such as, offers a detailed online manual, aiming to save the marriage – but with a totally different approach than the others.

Michael Cross’s guide is directed to men only, focusing on the husband’s self improvement, and as a result – receiving new attraction and affection from the wife.

This Save Marriage Central review will help you figure out if this is the right guide for you.

Marriage and Attraction

If the butterflies had flown away already, and instead came the routine of raising children and maintaining a family, this article is for you!

After a long marriage (or relationship), especially when there are kids involved, couples usually develop a get-along, not very romantic and somewhat boring routine.

Passing the stage of the initial strong attraction and romance, into a stage of tasks distribution and even a lot of grudge.

Our partners, whom we chose to be with happily ever after, became a “roommate”  – and a lot of times entirely platonic.

“Your Marriage Savior” guide deals mainly in that area – how to bring back the attraction and romance into your relationship.

How is it done, what are the pros and cons about this method, and should we check it out?

Read my YourMarriageSavior objective review about this product and decide whether or not it worth a try.

Your Marriage Savior – Overview

This guide, written by Michael Cross, aims to revive the attraction and affection between the couple, and saving them from divorce.

It includes a detailed easy to follow step by step manual, that should provide helpful tools and tips on how to put the pieces together and mend your relationship.

The manual focuses on the sexual and romantic aspects of the relationship.

According the Cross’s guide, the way to returning to a happy fulfilling marriage is by getting your wife to love you again and see you as her source of love and attraction.

The guide is directed mainly to men, teaching them how to make their wives fall in love with them all over again, and continue so for the rest of their lives.

Cross’s even claims that it doesn’t matter if the wife had already fallen out of love, cheated or took actions for seperation. The moment she falls in love with you again will turn her upside down and the marriage can be saved.

Sounds too good to be true!

I had to check what is this magic the manual provides, what are the cons and pros and who does it suit.

What does the program offer?

Detailed Manuals:

1. Unleashing the lion

This manual provides the readers a better understanding of women and what most of them are attracted to – the essence of the program.

More specifically –

  • Become an expert regarding to Women’s point of view, motivations, priorities and common behaviors inside a relationship.
  • How to easily make your wife attracted to you (a lot!) forever.
  • How to avoid the common mistakes you and your wife do, that lead you to a dead end point in your marriage.

2. Taming the lioness

This section provides plenty of practical instructions and techniques on becoming desirable and attractive to your wife, and other women as well.

Some spoilers to this:

  • How to become the leader of the house and the relationship.
  • How to “manipulate” your wife into joyfully doing things that you want her to do.
  • How to apologize to your wife in a way that will make her appreciate and want  you even more (usually the outcome is opposite).

3. The case studies manual

This section provides examples of real life situations many struggling couples are Facing. Those stories include (among many others):

  • How to get your wife reconnect with you and the kids again.
  • How to Improve the communication between your wife and yourself.
  • Bringing back sex into your life, after both partners are used to a sexless routine.

4. The separation manual

This section is relevant to some more than others. It gives answers and instructions to couples who are already very distant – physically or emotionally, and it seems like the relationship is lost.

Even in those critical situations, following Cross’s instructions may save your marriage and love life.

  • Practical tips on how and  when to address your wife (SMS or phone).
  • How to be attractive and desirable to your wife from a distance.
  • How to make your wife chase you and not the other way around.

Audio CDs:

Peasants into Kings

An audio lesson that includes motivational exercises that will help you create the wanted change of becoming a lion.

Some of the topics this lesson is dealing with:

  • Strengthen your self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Reveal and embrace sexual characteristics that were hidden inside you, and become much more attractive.
  • Become a leader.
  • Overcome challenges, easily!

2. Peasants into Kings, belief supercharger

This audio lesson will instruct you on how to do a psychological makeover.

  • Replace negative and destructive thoughts with positive and empowering ones.
  • Overcome personal blockers you have carried your whole life – eliminate the fears that controlled your every move so far.

On paper, this manual seems very promising – can revive almost any relationship and wind it back to the good old days when the love was everywhere.

Before purchasing this marriage savior guide, let’s look at both sides of the coin.

The Cons and Pros of “Your Marriage Savior”

Pros – “Your Marriage Savior”

  • Although the guide is called “Your Marriage Savior” it is actually a self-empowering guide that can help you overcome many of life’s obstacles. This guide aims to teach you how eliminate your fears and be irresistible while doing it – a great recipe for success.
  • Relationship guides usually require cooperation and hard work from both partners. This guide is for men only – this is an advantage as well as a disadvantage (will elaborate more about the down side in the next chapter).

When men are fully motivated to save their marriage or improve them, but their wife isn’t on board – this guide is exactly what they need!

If men feel insignificant and stepped on, again, they are probably the ones that will want to make a change – this guide is exactly for them as well.

A guide that is written especially for men, from a man’s point of view, will be easier to identify with, understand and follow.

  • The guide includes both theoretical and practical lessons, providing a deep understanding of the theoretical background as well as clear cut easy to follow instructions.
  • It has great reviews!

Cons – “Your Marriage Savior”

  • The biggest limitation of the guide is that, again, it is directed to men only. Many couples will not want to use this one way guide, which empowers only the men in the relationships.

I also think many women who will read this will feel offended and if they  will know their husband have used the tips and advices in the manual, they might feel manipulated.

  • The guide focuses a lot on sex, attraction and men empowerment.

Although those are actual relationship blockers for many couples, a lot of others struggle with totally different problems that do not have enough representation in the guide (communication, maintaining a household, financial, women’s status in the relationship and more).

  • For an online guide, it is quite expensive – 197$ at the moment.  Although keep in mind there is a 60 day full refund period, and regular couple therapy prices are a lot more expensive. Review Conclusion

I tried to be as objective as possible while describing this guide (Most reviewers also sell the product, so I guess this is the most objective review you will be able to find online).

I truly recommend this guide as a self-improvement and relationship manual, especially for couples who struggle with attraction and sexual issues.

I don’t believe this guide by itself can save most marriages – but can surely spice things up.

Did you try Let us know your thoughts by replying to this post.


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