78133 Spring Lowe’s Scam Review

By visiting any Lowe’s store on Saturday, April 27th, 2019, during store hours and requests via text or website, you could have received a Lowe’s coupon valued between $5 to $500 off.

Coupon quantities were limited and could only be redeemed in-store on April 27th, 2019.

78133 Spring Lowe’s Reviews

According to Reddit, many consumers were able to take advantage of the one-day sale that took place at Lowe’s retail stores on April 27th, 2019.

Some consumers report receiving coupons up to $500 while more common amounts such as $10 or $100 tended to present themselves.

Detailed below are a few of the most relevant reviews we found:

“I used 6 different google voice numbers I have as well as had my wife and three kids do it. One of us got $10 and the rest (8 total) were $5. I had my mom and dad do it, as well as my in laws and a few neighbors. All in, about 20 numbers all got $5. BUT my wife’s friend, who told us about this, got $500.”

“I got a $100 one!!!”

“Hell yeah! Won the $500 coupon this morning! Got a new miter saw, set of craftsman ratcheting wrenches, a new rug, and a Ring doorbell! All free! Thanks Lowe’s! #Winning”

More consumer reports can be found at VonBeau.com.

Expired Promotional Periods

Geographic Region 1 Promotion (Odds)

  • 7,948,000 / $5.00 off / Odds: 9 in 10
  • 662,400 / $10.00 off / Odds: 3 in 40
  • 128,064 / $25.00 off / Odds: 1 in 69
  • 70,656 / $100.00 off / Odds: 1 in 125
  • 22,080 / $500.00 off / Odds: 1 in 400

Geographic Region 2 Promotion (Odds)

  • 1,987,200 / $5.00 off / Odds: 9 in 10
  • 165,600 / $10.00 off / Odds: 3 in 40
  • 32,016 / $25.00 off / Odds: 1 in 69
  • 17,664 / $100.00 off / Odds: 1 in 125
  • 5,520 / $500.00 off / Odds: 1 in 400

Additional terms for the Lowe’s Spring sale that took place can be found in Lowe’s Spring Saving PDF.


The only eligibility requirements that we saw would be that consumers must be legal U.S. residents of the fifty United States and the District of Columbia while being 18 years of age or older.

78133 Spring Lowe’s Scam Review

The Lowe’s spring saving event was a genuine coupon opportunity that took place on April 27th, 2019.

Many consumers report winning between $5 to $100 while the biggest winners were rewarded coupons for up to $500 off.

If you have been contacted by an entity regarding Lowe’s spring savings just understand that the Lowe’s spring promotion has seized and that all coupons were only valid on April 27th, 2019.

If you have any insight or experiences to share we invite you to leave your feedback below!


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