Review – Another Shady Retailer!

InAHatBuy ( is another shady online retailer that is allegedly based overseas that supports a wide range of consumer goods and products.

Every item featured on their site is allegedly on sale, although their price points don’t really indicate significant online savings like we’ve grown accustomed to encountering with these oversea retailers.

To find out why we are urging online shoppers to avoid, we invite you to read our unbiased review.

What is

Unlike the majority of these recently incepted online retailers, InAHatBut takes a different marketing approach to entice prospective consumers.

While the vast sum of our recently reviewed retailers support ‘online savings’ ranging between 25% to 95% on the alleged retail value, InAHatBuy supposedly offers custom-made products that are all on sale.

As a whole, InAHatBuy does not reflect significant price differences when compared to other personalized and customizable online retailers.

The alleged aim behind InAHatBuy would be to provide a one-stop destination for any consumer who is looking to receive unique, custom goods.

Among the alleged categories of supported goods would be sport items, home and kitchen, shoes, car accessories, clothing attire, outerwear, toys and select knick-knacks.

Refunds are only accepted within 14 days after the receipt is issued, so the purchase date.

Which, when you compare the shipping durations for the majority of their supported countries, they coincidentally take longer than the refund period to even be shipped and received.

This is a legality precautionary on behalf of InAHatBuy so that they don’t have to be legally bound to render any refunds what-so-ever.

However, as you will shortly find out, it is highly unlikely that InAHatBuy supports any product inventory let alone being credible enough to consider as an online marketplace.

Featured in the header of the site would be text Inahsanc, although we could find no other reference to that text anywhere upon the site or across the web except in affiliation with

Who is Behind does not disclose any information regarding a corporate entity anywhere upon their site.

We navigated through their About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service only to be find reference to that is operating as their sole entity.

Allegedly, InAHatBuy can be contacted through the following communication channels:

Physical Address

No. 3202, 32nd Floor, Block A, Building 1, International Building, Baishang International School, Shangyuan Road, High-tech Zone, Kunming, Yunnan, China

Telephone: 1308689523

When researching the disclosed address of InAHatBuy, Google was unable to successfully verify that it was a legitimate address.

In fact, several portions of the address appeared to be taken from different physical locations and chunked together all into one address.

These findings coupled with the fact that InAHatBuy fail to disclose verifiable ownership information are significant red flags in our books.

Domain Insight was a privately registered domain that was created on December 24th, 2018 through the NameSilo, LLC registrar.

When investigating through market intelligence reports, the site failed to acquire any web rankings indicating to us that the site receives minimum sums of traffic, if any at all. Reviews

During the time of writing this review (01/02/2019), did not reflect any feedback or consumer reviews across the web.

A couple sites similar to ScamAdvisor, which ranks as sites trustworthiness, indicates that the site is not trustworthy and could possibly be based out of Canada, not China.

Red Flags and Discrepancies

Lack of Ownership Information

InAHatBuy does not disclose any verifiable information pertaining to the sites owners or current operators.

Why shop with an online retailer that appears adamant to conceal their identity from the general public?

What else could they be trying to hide?

These are questions you should be asking yourself.

Clone Sites is another online retailer that we found that reflects indisputable characteristics between InAHatBuy.

Having InAHatBuy logo engraved in the site template while reflecting the same About Us page is irrefutable evidence that LucuryBuy is a clone operation in InAHatBuy.

In addition, a WHOIS report of will reveal that both domains were created on the same date, through the same registrar and with the same privacy package.

Fictitious Address does not disclose a verifiable physical address.

Clustering together several addresses of different physical locations into one address just goes to how you that InAHatBuy is not a trustworthy online retailer to be considered.

Is Safe to Shop? is not a trustworthy online retailer and is certainly not safe to shop with. Review Conclusion reflects many of the characteristics that we encounter when exposing scam online retailers.

Blatantly concealing their identity, failing to provide verifiable addresses and contact methods while conducting zero effort on their end to build up credibility, it is obvious that InAHatBuy is not a legitimate online retailer.

Given the information disclosed in our honest review above, we obviously are not advising consumers to consider InAHatBuy as a legitimate online retailer.

Outcome: InAHatBuy is NOT Safe to Shop.

Blacklisted Site: &

We invite you to share any insight, feedback or experiences that you may have below!


  1. Nan.

    These poor excuses of humans need to be shot. Because of them. I will no longer buy for Tophatter because of their affiliation with China. If the Chinese will not monitor their people then I will discontinue buying. I too got hoodwinked by the asses. Once is enough.

    • Rob

      If anyone knows how to “report” them, and/or force a bank to give the money back (i.e. fraud charges) Please let us all know

  2. Sue McMahon

    I too ordered a hot tub end of December 2018 and received nothing!
    I now would never buy anything that doesn’t have PayPal !!!

  3. Lynette Kendall

    Stupid me, I payed for a hot tub. Received my Order Confirmation via email, even received a tracking number. No need to mention that it never arrived. However, I did receive 2 phone chargers, shipped separately. Tried to send an email but would not go through. Guess I learned my lesson, but put this comment here to help others.
    Only question is to Facebook: Why are such scams posted on Facebook?
    The buy was too good to be true. I am such a dummy.

    • George

      Same happened to me
      I ordered a hot tub and I received one Iphone charger.
      Unfortunately I reported it to the authorities in Lebanon but they cant do anything.
      The ad was on Instagram.
      Hope this msg will help other.
      108usd lost

  4. sheldon p

    you already took my money and did not ship anything order #5681 you really fuck up I wish I could speak to a live person you won this time

  5. Shari j

    I purchased from them right around December 1st. Never received the product. I have contacted them and get lame replies. My last reply was in Chinese. I definitely was not careful and got suckered.

  6. Eyssielee Richardson

    Bought this hot tub, never received it. Tried to send an email, would not go through. Guess I learned my lesson, but put this comment here to help others.

  7. karen kohler

    I got screwed over too ,but am reporting them, never order anything that seems like a good deal. hope they catch these people

  8. Bobbi

    I did the same thing Kristie. I sent several emails. Go bullshit back …you know what they say about KARMA.

  9. Walter Wolk

    Wondering what responsibility Instagram has in this scam?

  10. George Mihalcea

    Stupid me, I payed for a hot bathtub. No need to mention that it never arrived.
    Only question is to Facebook: why do you post such scams?

  11. Kristi

    I also fell for the hot tub scam. Purchased in late December and was told 3-7 day arrival time. Phony tracking number arrived via email and after 1 week it was still in Yanwen China. Never received it of course and you guys are lucky you even got phone chargers lol. I got squat! When I emailed to complain they told me they would try harder in the future. Wtf?! How about you try harder NOW?! I told them I wanted my money back or I wanted my hot tub I ordered. Here’s where they messed up – they replied to my email but ALSO (I’m guessing this was accidental in their part) managed to send their reply to others who complained. Then I started getting emails from THOSE customers saying all they got was phone chargers. I immediately contacted my bank and filed a fraud claim and I’ve been temporarily credited $108 until they finish their investigation. I’m so damn pissed!! I have multiple health conditions and this would’ve helped me so much! What losers. Too bad they’ll just close up shop and change their company name and do this all again.

  12. Luzia Castro's

    I hate it but I confirm I am very angry I lost my cash too scared

  13. Rauno Mitchell

    I absolutely agree with Bill ,FACEBOOK SHOULD BE FULLY LIABLE .please facebook contact me , as a result I have deleted my facebook account.

  14. Jonathan Smith

    This site is definitely a scam they send a receipt and ship a product like a phone charging cord in place of the actual item !

  15. Nilton Roberto Magosso

    Realizei uma compra em 28/12/2018 e até agora não recebi o produto e nem uma mensagem sequer deles a respeito do envio. Acho que perdi dinheiro. Foram mais de R$ 400,00.

  16. P. M. Wood

    I ATTEMPTED to buy a Cricut type of machine. The price was good but have received nothing and the Lucurybuy number is not in service.

  17. Blake H.

    Me too ! I knew better than to do this….I really did. I shouldn’t have given them a chance.

  18. Mike

    I did the same thing ordered a inflatable hot tub and received a Iphone charger. how stupid was I to fall for this. the buy was too good to be true. I am such an idiot.

  19. Kathy Kamper

    Another one. Me too. Got a SUB cord but cannot use it. I don’t know what kind of device and connection it is for . I have android stuff and it doest work. Maybe iphone? Anyway it ain’t no portable spa. Going to bank tomorrow.

  20. Shelly

    Followup on my initial post. I have since January been tracking the tracking number I was given when purchasing my inflatable hot tub on January 3, 2019. I paid extra for quick shipping. I was surprised I actually got something to track. I am so lucky (NOT) because yesterday my package came after almost a month and I am now the proud owner of a cell phone charger with the words on the package (New Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set) how does one use that in an inflatable hot tub that doesn’t exist lol. Karma will come to these people, thank goodness my credit card company put a stop to them purchasing on my information. Going to forward to the proper authorities so they can track down these pirates.

  21. Maria

    Do not buy from here. I ordered a n inflatable hot tub for a gift and never received it. They sent me a Phone charger!
    Its à SCAM!!

    • Shelly

      I totally agree dont buy from here, I ordered the same inflatable hot tub and never received it. I did however get a very expensive phone charger as well. A SCAM INDEED. Wish we could stop places like this.

    • Maria Matas

      That is, exactly, what I got on Friday 25.

  22. James

    Do not buy from here. I ordered a n inflatable hot tub for a gift and never received it. The phone number was disconnected and nobody responded to my e-mails. Bank is reimbursing me.

      • Mike

        Me too… if it sounds too good to be true, it generally is…!

    • D

      Yup they’re a scam! No product. No enquire reply’s. No phone.
      On the phone with CC company.
      Sad I’m not alone

    • bhavik shah

      same here, i have the order no: 6704 Dated: 29-12-2018 but now how can we get the money back? please help

  23. Barbra

    as of today lucerybuy a part of inahat is still claiming spa has been sent even giving bogus tracking number I paid by visa so have so have contacted my bank,after trying inahat email address several times(it appears to b locked) a message to brought the response of dud tracking number AND THEY SAY GOD LOVES A TRIER well he must really love these chinese conmen.

  24. Lonnette

    Do not buy from here. I ordered a n inflatable hottub for a gift and never received it. The phone number was disconnected and nobody responded to my e-mails. Bank is reimbursing me.

  25. Paul Comtois

    Too good to get true! I have so often heard if people receiving big discounts on all sorts of things. Finally I got lucky! Coleman portable hot tub for $79. Wow.
    As others pointed out u received an order number and information that they would contact me when item shipped. Nothing, 0 , nil, oh shit!

    Wish I had done my due diligence mind set instead of my wow, I got a hot tub super, mind set.

  26. Maxine Davies

    I bought a craft cutting machine for $69.99 on 28th December I had an email confirming my order but nothing else,I have tried the telephone number which is none existing and tried to reply to the email they sent but I keep getting returned email unable to deliver,how can I get my money back any help would be appreciated ,I am on very low income they should be prosecuted for what they are doing…

  27. John

    I got taken for a “portable” hot tub from these crooks during Christmas ! I tried filing with the BBB but without any proper info I’m screwed ! Can any one help . . .

  28. Donna Marie

    Should be shot when you think of how this all works . Facebook allows them to place adds should be scrutinize by them . Feel like all about the $$$$$ facebook you should stand accountable for this scam as well . Big biz like you have the www net to look into these companies then we might not get scammed.

  29. Maria Matas

    I was caught too. Bought an inflatable hot tub on Dec. 29, 2018, received a tracking number, by email, the next day and no more information was received since then. Phone disconnected, emails not responded. I suppose I have to call my bank to see what they can do.

  30. Trish

    Fell for a sale too good to be true. I feel like a total fool allowing thieves to take my money. I also believe in karma…

  31. Christine

    We fell for the Hot Tub scam too. I got an email the next day that came through a company called and when I go to their site to track the order, nothing comes up of course. So I guess I will be calling my credit card company. They got up for $103.00 Should have figured it was too good to be true. Like anyone could get a 499. hot tub for 98 bucks with free shipping! Jokes on me I guess. I think I will call my credit card in the morning. I don’t feel as bad knowing I was not alone.

    • Christine

      So my hot tub arrived today! LOL! Guess what…..I received an iPhone cable and in the description on the package it states 1 Cell phone charge (NewPortableBubbleMassageSpaSet) Exact wording. So now I guess I contact my credit card company and file a fraud charge? DO NOT buy from or

      • Robyn

        I got the same thing today. A cel phone charger and it says it’s for the massage hot tub.

  32. Jay

    Any suggestions on how to cancel an order I placed on December 28th?

  33. Abu

    I have ordered inflatable hot tup, I am trying to track the package but I can not find any links at all. When I search on google it say this website is scam!!
    Is anyone know how to contact the company ??


    • Louie Meza

      yup they got me too not sure what can be done.

  34. Kelly

    Same here with the hot tub scam ..I was so looking forward to sitting in it too after I got home ..SCAM SCAM SCAM SCUMBAGS

    • Eddie Seguin

      Did you get your money back I paid 89.99 for 3 day shipping never received my jacuzzi tub either did you get money back from your credit card ?got scammed on Facebook ad scooter also I’m bummed need to get money back for botj

  35. Hans

    Supongo que tambien fui engañado por el jacuzzi y su pagina inahatbuy . Hablare al banco este lunes para denunciar …junto a 23 otras personas yi sui

  36. Janet

    We were stupid enough to fall for the hot tub scam, but will be turning this into our credit card co. As fraud. We definitely learned our lesson and will probably never buy anything online again. This is not the first time we’ve been scammed. I tried right after we ordered to get a hold of them and couldn’t. Knew then we got screwed.

  37. Jake

    I ordered an inflatable hot tub from this website for when I got home from vacation, also got the expedited shipping – all amounted to $113…

    I returned home to find a package, however said package contained two “heat-padded vests,” with no return address. I thought maybe it would be from a relative, however it had a shady return address with no information, and no form of card or notification indicating that it was a gift, it also was labeled with the same type of shipping option I selected from the hot tub. These vests are far from a hot tub.

    I’m trying to access the website to contact somebody, but the entire site is down! It’s absolutely ridiculous, and I’m 99% sure this offer and website is a scam altogether. DO NOT but a hot tub / gaming chair / you name it from anywhere that has to do with or INAHATBUY.


    To EVERYONE on here who is concerned about refunds. Contact the credit card or bank that you used when you made the purchase and they will refund you!!

  39. J Nacu

    I ordered a gaming chair for my son for Christmas. It gave me a link for tracking. I emailed them to ask when item would be shipped, but now the link won’t even work. to track order. How do I get my money back? Any suggestions?

  40. Laura

    My husband ordered an inflatable hot tub trough this site without checking all this stuff. It was supposed to be delivered a day or so ago, but now the site has been taken down. Do we have any recourse?

  41. Jennifer DeBouvre

    My husband ordered an inflatable hot tub from this site a few days ago. It’s probably safe to say that we will not be receiving what we paid for. When he checks his email for a routing number and clicks the link he gets directed to page 404 not found. I can’t believe we were dumb enough to use this site.

    • John Whalen

      Jennifer and Tim: I am in the same boat. I ordered the inflatable hot tub for $98. Thought it may have been too good to be true. But…it was listed on Facebook, so I tood the chance. Appears as though I should have listened to my instincts. Item never arrived. No order history. Worse of all, the customer service number has been disconnected. DO NOT BE FOOLED. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM!!!

      • Bill

        Well it was an AD on Facebook , therefor Facebook should have information they had to have gotten paid for it and as Facebook never looked into this to make certain it was a reputable company , then Facebook should be held liable just my opinion .

  42. Shelly MITCHELL

    I wish I would have checked scam sites before I ordered with I purchased an item, paid and paid extra for shipping. The item should have arrived by now. I paid right thru their site thank goodness with credit card and not my debit card. I received an email stating order was received and then another email stating the item shipped with a tracking number. The tracking number led no where. I called the number on the site, it states disconnected. I have emailed customer service twice with no replies. I called my credit card company and disputed the charge of $113.00 for fraud. DONT NOT BUY from lucurybuy or Inahatbuy, a total scam. I won’t buy again online unless I check the scam lists from now on. Get a life people, and a job and stop scamming people.

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