Kenza Cosmetics Review | Public Warning – MUST READ!

Kenza Cosmetics ( is the latest drop-shipping retailer to come under public scrutiny for seemingly apparent illicit acts and questionable ethics.

According to research, Gabbie Hanna asserts that Kenza Cosmetics has been around for well over a year, yet research will show that has only been around for half of that duration.

Being widely declared as a scam across the net due to countless consumers not receiving their orders, Kenza Cosmetics and Gabbie Hanna have been experiencing a great deal of whiplash.

To find out more regarding the Kenza Cosmetics dilemma and why we are urging consumers to avoid this drop shipping makeup retailer, we invite you to read our unbiased review.

Kenza Cosmetics & Gabbie Hanna

Kenza Cosmetics gained popularity after being supported by an American TV personality known as Gabbie Hanna.

According to research, Gabbie Hanna launched a (now private) YouTube video titled GRWM Using Products | Declined as Sponsors.

The gist of that video would be Gabbie Hanna addressing Kenza Cosmetics and how their operation is “not a scam.”

Two weeks ago, Gabbie Hanna left the following comment underneath her video:

“FOR EVERYONE WHO DOESNT TAKE TIME TO WATCH A VIDEO BEFORE COMMENTING <3 This video is about Kenza Cosmetics. So take a breath and watch before you leave an angry comment about me not addressing it bc hey… that’s what this video is :)”

The reason why the majority of Gabbie Hanna fan’s and online shoppers are frustrated with Gabbie Hanna and Kenza Cosmetics would be that hundreds of online shoppers placed orders through, have had their payment method charge only for the majority of purchasers not to receive any their orders.

Further investigation of Kenza Cosmetics will reveal some troubling facts as well that we plan to disclose fully to you below.

About Kenza Cosmetics

First off, KenzaCosmetics is structured as an online makeup marketplace that supports a wide assortment of makeup accessories, makeup cases, brush sets and more.

It should be noted that during the time of writing this review, the products featured at Kenza Cosmetics do not appear cheap when compared to other retailers.

Furthermore, according to research, Kenza Cosmetics does not actually support any inventory but instead functions as a drop shipping site.

Drop shipping sites are online platforms that feature online consumer goods and products through specific manufacturers where they then get sent directly to the retailer.

Essentially no middle man or distribution channels are involved with drop-shipping sites.

After Kenza Cosmetics became declared a scam by endless consumers and public entities, Kenza Cosmetics reached out to their public stating that they were a drop shipping site and essentially were doing ‘everything possible’ to get consumers their orders.

Bear in mind that many online consumers have already waited over months to receive their purchases that they were supposed to receive within a couple of weeks after ordering.

If our research is correct, the whole Kenza Cosmetics and Gabbie Hanna ‘scam’ originated from offering 10 Free makeup brushes (which weren’t actually free due to a $10 shipping and handling charge), where countless online shoppers never received their goods.

Who is Behind Kenza Cosmetics?

That is the million dollar question that perhaps even Gabbie Hanna does not know.

We navigated through all the sites pages only to find that no reference to a corporate entity could be found.

According to the Terms of Service, is operated by Kenza Cosmetics.

In other words, Kenza Cosmetics is operating on their own accord and as their sole entity.

Kenza Cosmetics Red Flags

We believe that there are enough red flags to exclude the Kenza Cosmetic complaints from this section.

Among the first red flag would be how Kenza Cosmetics does not disclose any verifiable ownership information anywhere upon their site.

According to their Contact Us page, Kenza Cosmetics issued the following statement:

“Any questioned emailed to us and answered on our FAQ page will not be replied to, this cuts down on the amount of staff hours we need so we can continue to offer our products for free.”

First and foremost, the products featured at Kenza Cosmetics are not free.

Secondly, does not even support a FAQ page on their site!

As expected, Kenza Cosmetics does not disclose any identifiable communication channels.

There is no telephone number, physical address or live chat feature on their site.

Instead consumers are said to contact, where their customer service team is only operating between Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.

No reference to which timezone is indicated.

Next the refund policy featured at only lasts 10 days since the day of your purchase.

What good is that going to do if most online shoppers aren’t receiving their products after weeks or months of waiting? Absolutely no good is the answer!

In addition, Kenza Cosmetics do not accept refunds for any sale items.

Given the information disclosed at it appears that their site is employing every implication necessary to avoid any legal ramifications.

Kenza Cosmetics Reviews

The reviews surrounding Kenza Cosmetics is not positive.

Take for instance TrustPilot, where Kenza Cosmetics reflects the following recent feedback:

“Trying to get my money back through PayPal, bought over 6 weeks ago, no items have been dispatched everything is automated and no replies from the actual website AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!”


“this is a scam”

“Scam, no reviews anywhere, didnt take my email on the order, no contact details for them, not legit company”

For more feedback regarding Kenza Cosmetics, you can visit this Reddit thread.

Domain Insight

A WHOIS domain report will indicate that was privately registered on June 15th, 2018 through the Tucows Domains Inc. registrar.

According to SimilarWeb, reflected a global rank of 641,892 with a US rank of 205,537 as of January 2nd, 2019.

This WHOIS report directly contradicts the public claim asserted by Gabbie Hanna stating that Kenza Cosmetics has been around for over a year.

In addition, given the rather poor rankings of it appears that their site is not reputable and receives little incoming visitor traffic.

Is Safe to Shop?

Given the information we shared throughout our honest review above, we do not feel that is a safe online marketplace to shop.

Kenza Cosmetics Review Conclusion

There are quite a bit of unknown variables regarding Gabbie Hanna’s association with Kenza Cosmetics.

But what is known regarding Kenza Cosmetics, and what we shared regarding this this drop-shipping marketplace, should be enough to deter you from using their site.

No matter how concerned that Kenza Cosmetics is about preserving the wellness of their public image, frankly we don’t feel that they have earned that right.

Perhaps if Kenza Cosmetics would be willing to refund all their online shoppers who have failed to receive their purchased products within a timely manner, then we would consider revisiting this review and rendering a different verdict.

Unfortunately though, we have had far too many experiences with untrustworthy online marketplaces like Kenza Cosmetics for us to advise consumers to approach with caution, but why shop with a site that clearly doesn’t appear to be looking out for the well-being of their shoppers anyway?

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!


  1. Erika

    I think you mean Kenza was sponsoring Gabby. People should know by now that anything ‘free’ is of course going to include shipping. How can anyone be dumb enough to think they won’t pay shipping. Even ‘free’ items on Wish have shipping.

  2. Melissa

    You are not right about somethings:
    1. I am a business owner and work from home- I don’t have a phone number on my website — I do however have a P.O. Box. So that DOES make it if a company is a scam.
    2. The brushes in question come from China, therefore, it’s around $1 U.S.D. to ship using the cheapest China Mail Service as possible. “Kenza” also most likely pays at least $1 for the brushes. You can find the same brushes on Aliexprwss for $2 I imagine since “Kenza” is getting them so many orders a lower price is negotiated. So therefore “Free” is bullsh*t.
    3. You fail to mention Gavby was actually sponsoring Kenza. Why else would she mention it and dedicate a full video? This problematic because Gabby is violating FTC laws

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