Achievement App Review

Achievement App, reflecting a virtual address of, is a mobile application that rewards everyday individuals for being active and healthy.

Achievement app users are able to earn points for conducting health surveys, walking and running along with tracking their diet.

These earned points in turn can be redeemed as cash or virtual Amazon Gift cards.

To learn more about the Achievement App and whether you can really make money with this app by simply being active we invite you to continue reading our unbiased review.

Achievement App Overview

Achievement App is one of the top health apps available in the app store.

According to the Apple app store, Achievement App is actively utilized by more than 2 million members.

Since their inception, over $500,000 has been paid out to users who use the Achievement App.

Users can be paid via PayPal, Direct Deposit or through redeeming Amazon gift cards.

The minimum withdrawal requirement that must meet would be $10.

How does Achievement App Work?

Achievement App is a free mobile app available ONLY in the Apple play store.

Once you have installed the application to your mobile device, you can sync the Achievement App with health and fitness apps such as Apple Health, Strava, Stop, Breathe, Think, Samsung Health, and FitBit.

Opposed to functioning as their sole application, Achievement reaches a wider scope of consumers by linking their application with up to 30 other health apps.

A rather clever marketing approach if we don’t say so ourself.

Moving forward, as any Achievement user would normally do through their health and fitness app, you’ll start earning points by simply completing workouts, dialoging your diet, sleep, heart rates, along with many other fitness oriented tasks.

One of the strong advantages relating to Achievement would be how they supply more than fitness related achievements as avenues to accrue additional points.

Users who are looking to earn additional points are able to conduct earnest reviews, surveys and participate in occasional bonus programs.

These earning opportunities don’t come around all that often either, according to Achievement they partner with health and fitness entities where they provide these extra earning avenues afterwards.

For every 10,000 points earned you earn $10.

Rewards are typically paid out within 3 to 7 business days.

Existing users who refer other members to Achievement successfully will receive 100 points.

So if you successfully refer 10 friends, you’ll receive 1,000 points alone.

Evidation Health, Inc – Achievement App

Achievement App appears to be owned and operated by Evidation Health, Inc.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Evidation Health, Inc was incepted on December 31st, 2014.

Registered locally in California, Evidation Health. Inc reflects an A- Better Business Burea rating.

Unfortunately their BBB profile lacks much consumer insight, although below we included some pertinent business information.

Alternate Business Name

AchieveMint (not verified in BBB search queries)

Business Management

Ms. Mikki Nasch – CEO

Mr. Nelson Lee – Manager

Office Address

11 N Elssworth Avenue, Sam Mateo, CA 94401-2819


(650) 727-5557

Apple’s play store developer page on Evidation Health, Inc goes on to show that they possess another mobile application known as TILES (Evidation Health).

Achievement Reviews & Complaints

Achievement reflects a great cluster of mostly positive user reviews.

According to the Apple play store, Achievement reflects a 4.7 out of 5 star rating out of over 10,000 reviews.

Among a few of the most commonly seen, and oftentimes resolved complaints, would be that the Achievement app doesn’t pay enough and sync properly to other applications or that Achievement isn’t tracking health achievements effectively.

The most common praises we encountered relating to Achievement would be the apps ease of use, the enjoyment of earning money for conducting activities they were already doing along with inheriting additional motivation to complete health and fitness related tasks.

Is Achievement App a Scam?

Achievement App is far from a scam.

Reflecting an overly abundant sum of positive reviews, it goes to show that Achievement app is not a scam.

Achievement App Conclusion

Everyday consumers are earning money for completing fitness and health related tasks (that they were likely already doing) by using Achievement.

That is a fact.

Catering their health rewards application to consumers who already consistently rely upon other health and fitness applications was a stroke of business ingenuity we don’t see often.

This simple business tactic enables consumers to use pre-existing mobile applications that they may already been using but now they just incentivize the platform.

All-in-all, we believe Achievement App to be the real deal.

While it may take you some time to see significant earnings, just be patient and go about your fitness and health related ventures as you normally would.

Remember, the Achievement App is more of a rewards application than a motivation application.

Stay consistent, stay productive and enjoy the rewards you can earn by using Achievement.

We invite you to share any experiences, insight or feedback you may have in a comment below.


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