Review | ‘Discount’ North Face Scam

Norsp is yet ANOTHER fake discount retail scam!

Official Site:

Created just over a few weeks ago, Norsp is an anonymous online retailer that was incepted by a notorious scam network that has launched over 30 retail scams!

Every single one of the fake scam sites launched by these operators are pretending to operate as discount online retailers and rely heavily upon solicitous Facebook advertisements to draw in a pool of prospective shopping victims.

To get the full scoop regarding the Norsp scam we invite you to read our honest review.

What is Norsp? pretends to be a rare discount site offering up to 90% of The North Face outerwear.

Jackets, parkas, hoodies, hybrid jackets and vests can be found listed for sale at Norsp.

Their inventory supports 20 different North Face coats for men while all their prices range from €20.27 to €45.54.

That is a considerably obnoxious mark down considering that those same jackets were allegedly reflecting a retail value of €282 to €645.


Ahhh, we are confronted yet again with another abomination launched by the network.

Similar to their previous scam launches, no verifiable contact or ownership information is shared at

This means no reference to an overseeing entity, no physical addresses, telephone numbers or any information that can be used to help us identify who may be responsible for this scam is shared.

The only contact method we are provided would be the email address

As many consumers who have fallen to these fake retail scams have pointed out too, no operators ever deem it necessary to reply to consumer inquiries despite the number of times they may reach out to them.

Known Scam Sites

We have exposed over 30 FAKE retail scams to date by this Support@JDOnline.Info Network.

Apart from sharing the same contact method among each of these illicit scam sites, each of the sites also share a common model is portraying their ‘retailer’ as a discount site.

Before the operators became clever with their scam approach they mostly launched generic scam sites that pretended to retail hundreds of highly discounted goods.

However, for the past few months now these operators have emphasized their scams around ‘retailing’ discounted name brand goods.

Generic Discount Sites

  2. BTMD.Online
  3. HexPress.Shop
  4. ZZPlus.Shop
  5. GoodTop.Shop
  6. WaShoes.Club

Fake Name Brand Sites

  14. ElectronicsStoreT.Me
  19. Salomon.Site

Targeted Name Brands: HP, Nike, Vans, Keen, Kipling, Garmin, Adidas, RayBan, Salomon, Converse, Ralph Lauren, Birkenstock, The North Face

Domain Insight was privately registered on June 4th, 2019 through the NameSilo, LLC registrar.

According to SimilarWeb, failed to reflect any web rankings as of June 27th, 2019.

While this could be partially due to the fact that is a relatively new site it is more of an indicator that Norsp does not receive much organic site traffic, if any at all.

This would be because like its predecessors, Norsp replies almost entirely upon social media advertisements to solicit and mislead consumers into their deceptive retail scams.

Is a Scam?

Yes, is without a doubt a scam!

Norsp Review Conclusion

Norsp is playing but a minor role in a much larger retail scam operation in employment.

None of the goods allegedly featured for retail at Norsp are for sale or even supported by

Deceiving countless consumers through social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube is how the bulk of these fake discount scams are funneling unsuspecting shoppers into their scam sites.

Other advertisements can be found conducted through the web as well, but for the most part it seems that these scam networks are leveraging social media platforms inability to properly monitor the sort of illicit campaigns conducted through their networks.

With this in mind, if you come across a site that you believe to be a scam make sure to report the advertisement to the platform you are on while avoiding the site as a whole, it more likely than not is a scam.

Our two cents would be to trust only verified and established retailers.

Verdict: is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

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