SlushPool Scam Review – Complaints of Scam Shared (2020 Update)

There’s quite a bit of controversy circulating within the crypto community regarding the so-called legitimacy of the World’s First Bitcoin Mining Pool known as SlushPool.

Claiming to have mined over 1 million Bitcoin since 2010, operates as a bitcoin mining pool and is operated by a Czech company known as Satoshi Labs.

Satoshi Labs also happens to be the innovators of CoinMap, the first Bitcoin-centric world map.

While SlushPool appears to be in good standing due to its developers, the volume of negative reviews and complaints that have recently been plaguing SlushPool are beginning to add up.

To get the full scoop regarding SlushPool, please continue to read our unbiased review.

About SlushPool

According to research, SlushPool originally became incepted in November of 2010 under the entity Bitcoin Pool Mining Server.

Following a few years, Bitcoin Pool Mining Server rebranded its operation and changed its entity title to Slush Pool.

In January of 2012, managed to discover its first blockchain and since its inception have allegedly mined over 1,000,000 bitcoins.

SlushPool partners with groups of Bitcoin miners where a 2% mining fee is applied to every transaction within the network. This 2% mining fee is said to be shared with the miners and, of course, to cover overhead costs of

Between 2013 to 2017, gained quite a bit of recognition as a legitimate Bitcoin mining pool, accumulating a vast user and miner base with server locations found in China, Europe, Singapore, and the United States.

Nowadays, Slush Pool appears to operate as a Bitcoin and ZEC mining pool although the latest feedback surrounding their site reveals concerns that cannot be overlooked.

SlushPool Reviews

For a bitcoin mining pool receiving as much incoming site traffic as Slush Pool, it kind of alarms us that there isn’t more verifiable user feedback that can be found online.

Shared below is a troubling review we found at TrustPilot:

Sulabh H Thakkar – “Terrible company. Yesterday I lost my all BTC coin, as per slush pool someone hacked my account (both slush pool and Gmail ) and changed my wallet address and transfer the amount in 1 min of duration. How it is possible, I am getting all notification on my mobile immediately even if some access my Gmail from different IP location. But I have not received any notification. Only I have received final mail the all the coins have been transferred to some address. I have immediately contacted customer care of slush pool. After 2-3 hours they replied someone hacked your account and we can’t do anything. They are big cheaters and liers. Even I have checked with Gmail customer care; they confirmed that my Gmail account had not been accessed outside. No sites immediately approve the wallet address and transfer the coins within 1 min.”

We’ve seen cryptocurrency exchanges and mining pools come under scrutiny before due to hacking but typically those hacks are much more monumental and result in hundreds to thousands of cryptocurrency holders to lose their funds, not just handfuls of users where the company releases no public statements regarding their hack.

Let’s just say, it is uncharacteristic and should be of great concern to potential Bitcoin and ZEC traders.

Contacting SlushPool

There are various contact submission forms featured at SlushPool that are divided between support, business and marketing, and solution support.

Additionally, SlushPool features the following social media channels:

  • Reddit 
  • Twitter 
  • Facebook 

SlushPool Complaints

Shared below are a couple of complaints we found regarding SlushPool:

David Anderson – “Slushpool is nothing but a scam . they ask you for the basis $1000 to start . then after the 1st week of trading they want you to upgrade to the Pro account . Another $5000! then the next week your account will be $45,000 +. then they ask for another UPFRONT FEE !! of 25000$ ! to withdraw!what a joke ! SCAM!!!!!!!!! DO NOT USE SLUSHPOOL ! THEY ONY SCAM PEOPLE!”

Lim De Ming – “Hi there (: I am here to report about my funds that they stole my funds without any consent/permission as a cilents as I did follow Jan Capek instructions on how I do it but I do notice that I got scammed every money I deducted in my bank account whenever I bank in and left nothing for me while waiting for my money to get paid. I need the answer asap cause this is way too overboard as I share my coinbase account to the IRS director but he did betrayed me. This is way too overboard using cilents money and who would like it deducting as this is very dangerous and bad. I need a report to answer my questions to file the fraud instructions as they are very careless in their doing, please refund me back before I will start sue the government for being a fraud . Thank you for cooperation”

Site Background was a privately registered site created on October 31st, 2013 and is set to expire on October 31st, 2020.

As of March 9th, 2020, reflects a Venezuela site rank of 1,251 and has received on average 500,000 monthly visitors for the past 6 months, indicating that the site is widely visited and still utilized.

Shared below are the 5 biggest traffic contributions to SlushPool by country: Venezuela (21.57%), United States (16.41%), Russia (10.26%), Iran (8.45%), and United Kingdom (4.08%).

Additionally, possesses mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices which can be found in the Google PlayStore and App Store.

Is SlushPool Trustworthy?

Given the volume of relevant complaints and negative reviews surrounding SlushPool we feel that they are no longer a trustworthy bitcoin mining pool.

SlushPool Scam Review

There are several grey areas surrounding the lapsing legitimacy of

Such as a rising volume and consistency in complaints, the unexplained hacks occurring to dozens of users without probable cause, a lack of company press warnings along with a significant lack of recent investor feedback.

For to host as many visitors as they do, it surprises us that there aren’t more user reviews regarding SlushPool.

Regardless, given the unexplained hacks and negative reviews surrounding Slush Pool, we do not feel that their platform is safe for crypto enthusiasts who are looking to have Bitcoin and ZEC mined on their behalf.

Outcome: SlushPool Should Be Avoided.

Please share any insight, feedback or experiences you may have below!


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